Sydney Allicock

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Sydney Allicock

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By Abena RockcliffeVice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock, told the NationalMinister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney AllicockAssembly that the wellbeing of Guyana’s indigenous peoples has been adequately catered for in Budget 2016.During the Budget debate, Allicock boasted about the strides that have already been made by his government to improve the lives of Indigenous People. He also listed some of the plans in store.Allicock apologized to opposition Members of Parliament, Harry Gill and Yvonne Pearson.  “I am truly sorry that as a government we were unable, during the nine months in office, to fix all the problems created by the PPP over 23 years.  But we are working on that.”The Vice President said that he has however found it encouraging that those members have finally become “enlightened representatives of Indigenous Peoples.”He said that his government will be willing to listen to the MPs’ thoughts regarding “how we can together undo the damage.”Allicock told the National Assembly that Budget 2016 is about improving the quality of life of Guyanese.“It is about fixing wharves, hinterland airstrips, ocean going vessels which serve our hinterland residents, improving education delivery and health care services, boosting agriculture and creating a healthier economy.”He boasted that his government has already removed the tentacles of central government from the affairs of Indigenous Peoples’ Villages and communities.“Villages are now free of political interference from the government side; I now invite the opposition to join us in allowing Villages to breathe free of political pressure again.”Further, the Minister said that the Amerindian Land Titling Project is back on track.  He said that inherited shortcomings of the project are being addressed.Allicock said that the Ministry is addressing other Indigenous Peoples’ Land issues and has started working on the establishment of the Hinterland and Indigenous Peoples’ Land Commission.Noting that Budget 2016 provides for interventions which are geared to improve the lives of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples in all areas, Allicock sought to note some interventions that fall specifically under education and infrastructure.EducationThe Minister said that work has commenced on the design for a new dormitory to house tertiary level students from the hinterland. Allicock said that $10M has been allocated for this.He also spoke of $997.4 million that has been set aside for the expansion of the Hinterland Employment and Youth Services.The Budget also caters for a $35M subvention for the Bina Hill Institute of Learning while $6M has been set aside for the establishment of a Resource and Document Centre for Indigenous People.Another $25M has been set aside for the acquisition of boats, outboard engines and mini buses to get children to and from school.Allicock also indicated that schools in Port Kaituma, Santa Rosa, Baramita, Matthews Ridge, Powaikuru, and Barabina will benefit from improvement and the addition of living quarters, while a new secondary school will be constructed at Waramuri.The Minister said that Akawini will get a new Nursery School.  Karawab and Bethany Primary Schools will be improved, Yarashirima will be extended and Warapoka Secondary will also be extended.Mashabo and Bethany Primary will be provided with living quarters for staff.  This is all catered for in the allocation of $196.3.Allicock said that Paramakatoi Secondary and Micobie Nursery will benefit from significant improvement as part of works valued $36.6 million.Also, schools will be constructed at Tabatinga, Pai Pang Baishainidrun. Living quarters will be built at Sand Creek and major improvements are planned for Surama, Aishalton, Wowetta Nursery and Quatata Primary Schools with the allocated sum of $94.6 million.The electricity system at St. Ignatius Secondary will be upgraded as over $9M has been set aside for that and $4.4M has been set aside for solar systems to be installed at Kairuni Nursery , St. Cuthbert’s Primary, Arau and Phillipai Primary Schools.Infrastructure developmentAllicock said that the Umana Yana—”The pride of Guyana” is being rebuilt.“Its place in the history of Guyana is precious.  Guyana will have the Umana Yana in time for the 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.”He also told the National Assembly that the electricity supply system for Matthews Ridge, Port Kaituma, St. Cuthbert’s Mission, Siparuta, Orealla, Moraikobai, Moco-Moco, Wauna and Sugar Hill will be improved at a cost in excess of $120M.There will be rehabilitative works done on roads at Port Kaituma and Matthews Ridge after two decades of abandonment. More roads will be rehabilitated at Baramita, Bartica, Puruni, Itabali, Mabura, Kurupukari to Tabatinga, Ituni to Kwakani and Madhia.  Bridges will be built and fixed at Cassandra Crossing and Sand Creek, Aishalton, Baishaidrun, Paruima, Hosororo, Papaya and Arocuro.These works will be done at a cost of more than $1.7B.More roads will be constructed at Mabaruma and Moruca to the tune of $31M.The Minister said that the Bartica stelling and the goods wharf at Kingston which serves the North West District will be rehabilitated.Mahdia Airstrip will be completed and the following Hinterland Airstrips will be rehabilitated: Eteringbang, Annai, Paramakatoi, Kurupung, Kato, Kopinang and Monkey Mountain.  This is a project worth $241M.EconomicMinister Allicock told the National Assembly that sustainable community based economic projects will be pursued.  Included among these are projects specific to Villages and Communities in the area of tourism.Agricultural projects including fruit farms are also on the Ministry’s agenda, said Allicock.He further noted, “Adequate potable water supply is another important agenda item for the Ministry in 2016.  In this regard, conversations have commenced.“At the tables are the Ministries of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Communities, Natural Resources, the Guyana Water Incorporated and the United Nations Development Programme.”Allicock told the House, “From my interaction and in working with my fellow citizens across Guyana’s ten administrative Regions, there are only 32 people who feel that Budget 2016 is not a good Budget.”
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