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A petrified eyewitness has given a detailed account of the shooting to death of 17-year-old Shaquille Grant, the youth killed during a police raid conducted in the Agricola community two days ago.This is according to the Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman, Nigel Hughes, who informed that the eyewitness has for now requested anonymity since fear of the police has been expressed.During a press briefing yesterday, Hughes, an attorney-at-law, told media operatives that following a visit to the community by an AFC team,Cheap Jerseys Free, certain information was accumulated that would deem the police shooting unlawful and would thus warrant criminal charges within the next 24 to 72 hours.He expressed that the party was in possession of several statements taken from persons who would have been present at the time of the incident.Hughes said that a sequenced tale of the events was reportedly conveyed by the witness who expressed fear for her physical safety.“We have spoken to an eyewitness who gave a signed statement. This eyewitness is absolutely petrified of the police and has asked us so far not to disclose her identity.”Hughes narrated that around 11:55 hours on the day in question, the eyewitness said that she was in her home when she heard a single gunshot.He said she peeped through a crevice in her home and saw three young men lying flat on the ground while ranks,Fernando Rodney Jersey, with guns drawn, stood over them.The witness reportedly said that one of the youths was holding his stomach grimacing in pain,Artemi Panarin Jersey, crying out for his belly. It is alleged that the police rank then told the teen, “You in dead yet” and shot him again.The witness claimed at that stage she went to get her daughter who was at the time playing in the yard. Several other gunshots were heard by the witness and when she returned, the body of the youth crying for his belly was lying motionless,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Hughes claimed.The witness stated to the AFC team that the police entered the yard where the shooting took place from a back entrance and ambushed the men who were at the time sitting under a shed.She claimed that one policeman who seemed very agitated had to be calmed down by his colleagues who kept saying “rest ya self, rest ya self.”The motionless teen was left on the ground for at least 15 minutes. He was then dragged with his chest still on the ground and thrown into a police vehicle,the witness told the AFC team.Hughes informed that Grant was shot twice and the evidence pointed to an execution.“Mr. Grant was shot twice, once in the stomach and the second shot which entered his head in the middle of the forehead which was fired from an angle immediately above him. So it would appear that he was executed while lying on the ground.”The AFC Chairman said that it is apparent that the police is not treating the incident as a crime since the crime scene was not properly investigated and the scene is being left to the elements. Hughes thus condemned the police excuse that the young men were plotting a crime.“We wish to express our condemnation of the excuse offered by the police, which is the men were planning a crime.The citizens of Guyana need to be very keenly aware that even if people were sitting down conspiring to commit a criminal offence, that is not a basis for them to be executed by the police.”Hughes said that following the Agricola visit, there was no evidence that said the men had guns in their possession.He further said that when he made contact with Deputy Crime Chief Winston Cosbert, he was unable to give a purpose for those who were detained; in fact, the officer reportedly told Hughes that he was unaware that anyone was in custody from yesterday’s incident.The AFC Chairman on the shooting incident called the police action a dangerous assault on the rule of law and said that young people in urban Guyana are now “endangered species”.“It is clear that the police, despite the fact that the International Commission of Inquiry only visited Guyana last week, do not feel in any way constrained in their activities against young people.”Hughes said he thus expects murder charges. “After Linden, the police and the government were afforded enough time to have charges brought for what was clearly a murder….people were shot in their backs.It is less than two months since the last execution and nothing has happened,China Jerseys Cheap, therefore we will share directly with the DPP the evidence available because we expect that charges for murder will be brought.”
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