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Kenny Stabler Raiders Jersey qz45eviz

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People’s National Congress ReformThe People’s National Congress Reform extends Easter Greetings to all Guyanese and more especially to members of our Christian Community, both here and around the world, on the occasion of the celebration of one of the most important events in the Christian Calendar. This festival, which commemorates the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, contains, both in its symbolic significance and its secular relevance,Walter Payton Bears Throwback Jersey, important and powerful messages.For the members of the Christian Community, the Easter story represents the fulfillment of God’s Prophecy that mankind would be offered the hope of eternal life through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ and His subsequent Resurrection from the dead. It is this faith which has kept the worldwide Christian Church alive and enabled its followers to significantly contribute towards making the earth a better place for all mankind.The Easter season in Guyana is best known for the widespread kite-flying activity that is seen by many as a representation of the theme of the Resurrection. Whatever may have been its origins, kite-flying attracts widespread participation of Guyanese, from all walks of life, regardless of religion, ethnicity or culture. It, therefore, offers another opportunity for Guyanese to share common experiences and understand each other better.Let us hope that the symbolism of our kites soaring to the heavens inspire all Guyanese to emulate the example of Jesus for the renewal of hope for the resurgence of the conditions needed for the future development and prosperity of this our Dear Land of Guyana.A happy and blessed Easter to all!*****************People’s Progressive PartyThe People’s Progressive Party extends best wishes to the Guyanese people and to the Christian Community in particular, on the occasion of Easter.The Easter message is an inspirational one which deals with human society, its trials and tribulations and the ultimate triumph of justice and truth.It is obvious that in his lifetime Jesus Christ was slandered,Babe Ruth Braves Throwback Jersey, lied upon and persecuted by various groups who wanted to deny his works. They ended up murdering him, crucifying him on a cross in a most brutal way.However two thousand years later we are observing his death and his triumph.The story of Christ has many lessons for us in Guyana.As the message of Christ triumphed so too the message and works of the PPP C Government will be acclaimed because we are working in the interest of all our people.Once more best wishes for a Happy Easter!******************Alliance For ChangeThe Leader, Executive and Members of the Alliance For Change extend Easter greetings to Guyanese across the Ten Administrative Regions of Guyana and in the Diaspora.Easter is a time of both solemnity and celebration.  For our Christian brothers and sisters, Easter marks the solemn occasion of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his glorious resurrection.The message of Easter encourages us to examine the way we live; our daily interaction with our fellow men and preparedness to sacrifice for the good of humanity.When we gather in churches and as we enjoy our picnics and kite flying with our family and friends, to give praise and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us all be reminded of his humility, devotion, unconditional love, and the sacrifice He made to redeem us all from our sins.In remembering Him who triumphed over evil and conquered death to become immortal, let us all emulate the qualities that he displayed, as we work to forge racial unity and peace within this dear land.Let the joy that Easter brings, renew our faith and confidence in his mercy and blessed assurance that change is coming, especially for a better way of life in Guyana.Happy Easter to all!*****************Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ UnionThe principles and sentiments of some messages need not change from year to year, even when some actual circumstances do.The culmination of the Christian Lenten Season of self-sacrifice and cleansing happens over this weekend into the beginning of the new Holy Week. Easter is upon us and,Hank Aaron Braves Throwback Jersey, like Christmas, it envelopes even non-Christians. This is because, with its resurrection story after its prophesied Crucifixion, hope is offered to mankind, through yet another faith.The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) associates itself with the Christian community, especially the hundreds of its own members of that faith, as Guyanese reflect upon then celebrate the events of 2,Dennis Smith Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey,013 years ago. Let the resurrection inspire Christians and all Guyanese to embrace the hope of the sacrifice of the one who died to exonerate His followers and inspire them to live and work in productive harmony and to wed spiritual peace to economic prosperity in his land where there can be plenty.Easter’s message must inspire spiritual renewal of the period of fasting and introspections. Let us all, use the season in true Guyanese fashion,Cam Neely Bruins Throwback Jersey, celebrate the risen Christ with kite flying, Easter eggs and cross buns and all the now seasonal Easter activities across our country.However, let the Easter tradition remind us not to waste the promise of the resurrection. There can still abundant everlasting life for us all to share.Happy Easter Guyana!*****************Federation of Independent Trade Unions of GuyanaFrom the joyous spring festival of Holi Phagwah less than one week ago, Guyana now experiences the reflections and joy of another religious-oriented observance – Easter.Though Christian, in origin and character, the message and theme of Easter transcend any one group or faith. They are universal in meaning and spirit and applicable to all mankind. For they depict, most dramatically, the worst and best in mankind.Though prophesied to occur, the politics and might of Roman power to silence a religious leader–turned Saviour, exposed the ignorance,Gilbert Perreault Sabres Throwback Jersey, misused authority and savagery of a minority to subvert a people’s search for spiritual comfort and purity whilst sharing in their society’s resources.The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) relates to these events as we embrace the rituals and celebratory aspects of Easter – the foundation of the Christian Faith. We appreciate that the execution of Jesus of Nazareth was never an end but the beginning of one of humankind’s most powerful spiritual movements, the guiding principles of which make for wholesome, productive living for all, Christian and non-Christian alike.The story of the resurrection, which Christians hold dear, however, submerges the Crucifixion on the Cross. Whether the resurrection is myth or reality, the powerful message of hope, the guarantee of life of the risen lord, motivates a huge proportion of humanity to hold fast to a faith of sacrifice for the greater good.FITUG enjoins Christians at this time to spread the message of the resurrection to all Guyanese. Sacrifice and hope,Jimmie Foxx Red Sox Throwback Jersey, as in other religions, flow freely from that Old Rugged Cross. Even as all Guyanese join Christians in the more celebratory aspects of Easter – from cross buns to kite flying, FITUG urges the celebrants not to waste the promise of the resurrection.*****************MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS OF THE CITY OF GEORGETOWNToday, we celebrate a very significant day in the Christian Calendar. It is a time when we reflect upon the life, teachings and sacrifice,Throwback Jerseys, of Jesus the Christ.  It is one of the most joyous days in the Christian community.Easter celebration has come to characterize the period when Guyanese, from different strata of our society, come together,Fred Lynn Red Sox Throwback Jersey, to indulge in the traditional kite-flying and other merry-marking activities.  The act of kite-flying is a gesture of faith in a new reality.The Mayor and Councillors hope that as you raise your kites to the winds, that you would contemplate ways of lifting your neighbourhoods to a place of good environmental health and stewardship.Once again, Happy Easter!
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