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Cheap Jerseys From China GPHC

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-situation affects proper delivery of health care-Minister says stakeholders to address way forwardAlthough moves are apace to address a shortage of nurses within the public health system, there are, however, some who are convinced that this challenge cannot be remedied at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC),A section of the GPHC.unless some particular measures are taken.An official close to the operation of the hospital has described the existing state of affairs at the GPHC as a “major crisis”. Interesting to note is that the situation that exists is one that has been linked to the hospital’s substantive Director of Nursing Services, Sister Collene Hicks.Hicks was sent on administrative leave earlier this year to facilitate an investigation into allegations that her conduct has affected the delivery of nursing care at the hospital.The Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate complaints against Hicks was also tasked with examining the promotion of nurses by Hicks, to ascertain whether these were based on merit.The probe, which was prompted by a petition signed by 150 staffers of the GPHC against the continuance of Hicks as Matron, has since been completed, and the COI has recommended that Hicks’ service at the GPHC will not be in the best interest of the institution.The findings of the COI’s report will have to gain the attention of Cabinet before a final decision is made.There are reports from an official close to the operation of the GPHC that the Matron,Cheap NFL Jerseys, ahead of being sent on administrative leave, had promoted a number of individuals within the hospital’s nursing services to supervisory positions. The outcome,Cheap Jerseys China, the official said, is that “the general nursing staff has been unfairly treated…They are moved, demoted, and are now totally demoralised.”“No one in administration seems capable of improving things and patients continue to suffer and die because of the existing incompetence,” related another official who has expressed concern that failure to address this situation could be disastrous for the country’s premier hospital.It is the firm belief of the official that “some of the people who were promoted by the Matron have run the nursing services into the ground.”What is essentially occurring at the hospital as a result,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, the official revealed, is that “most nights 30 to 40 nurses stay home, so that the wards either have one nurse to cater to sometimes in excess of 30 patients at times. Sometimes post-op patients are left by themselves soon after surgery with no one monitoring them…”There are reports, too, that the neonatal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the GPHC sometimes has one nurse to 25 to 30 babies, and the recently commissioned cardiac ICU is also barely staffed at times, as is the main ICU.This publication was told too that some of nurse managers and supervisors are not efficient on the job.“When a patient crashes…the resuscitation trolleys are not properly stocked, so the doctors cannot revive the patients,” this publication was told.“The nursing administration has no clue how to stop this from happening,” said another official, who pointed out that the nursing shortage affecting the system is further affected by the fact that nurses who have attained degrees from the University of Guyana (UG) have been sidelined for promotions. In fact, there are reports that only nurses who are midwives are given the privilege of a promotion. This is despite the fact that “the UG degree has a management component and the midwifery programme does not. The situation is that the people in charge are incompetent and ineffective, and have no clue that they are stifling those who have the capabilities to progress the system.”“They are frustrating good nurses who want to make a difference but can’t, because they will be victimised, so the nurses are staying home…things are in bad shape; patients’ lives are at serious risk,Wholesale Jerseys China,” this publication was also informed.Kaieteur News was told that although aware of the state of affairs, the Medical Director, Dr. Sheik Amir,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, is unable to intervene, since the nursing administration falls under the purview of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and seem to have little or no regard for him. Currently acting in the capacity of CEO is Mr. Alan Johnson.“The doctors and nurses want to improve things,Wholesale Jerseys China, but the nursing administration is the major stumbling block,” said an official, who added that “there is need for qualified, effective leaders, and there must be incentives for the nurses who do well and consequences for nurses who are jeopardising the lives of patients.”Although Minister Norton insisted that he was not aware of the range of complaints at the GPHC, he did relate that the nursing shortage must be swiftly addressed.Even as the Minister pointed out that efforts are consistently made to improve the GPHC, he recalled a petition being brought to his attention for the removal of the Matron. This was followed by an investigation. The Minister said that yet another petition has been brought to his attention appealing for the current administrators to go.“They sent a petition saying they don’t want the Matron and now they don’t want the administrators,” said the Minister, as he noted that addressing this situation will require the collaboration of stakeholders.
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