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Postrehy z objavovania nových kultúr a zvykov, o tom ako sa žije v zahraničí, príbehy slovenských emigrantov

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“By the time I was 17 years old, I had already had sex with more than 100 men. I was taken to the camp site when I was just 15 years old. I remember being the most sought after girl because I was a virgin.“Marco, the man I had fallen in love with, told me that this is an opportunity to secure my future and that he loves me. But everything changed when we arrived in Port Kaituma.”Cathy (not the victim’s real name), an 18-year-old victim of sexual exploitation,NFL Jerseys China, is calling on the relevant authorities to investigate the matter in Port Kaituma and hopefully put an end to this repulsive practice.The teen explained that Marco (not the trafficker’s real name) always passed by her school in a “fancy car” and pretended to be in love with her. “He bought me many things; a new phone, lunch from anywhere I wanted,Wholesale Jerseys Group, chocolates, roses, gold chains and bracelets and he would usually pick me up from school and take me home.“He never asked for sex for he told me that I was too special to him. He said that he will not have sex with me until I have completed my education. He even bought my school clothes and stationery many times. I was the only girl at school that had $30,Wholesale Jerseys,000 in her pocket every day.“I felt safe with him. Then he told me that he works in the bush and I should come and see how he works just for a weekend because he is going to marry me soon and any wife of his has to know how his business is going to run.“Upon hearing that, I went,Soccer Jerseys From China,” explained Cathy.She said that this man who appeared to be so “sweet and caring,” transformed into a “ruthless” being from the time they entered Port Kaituma.“The day before leaving,Cheap NFL Jerseys, my aunt whom I lived with at the time had gone to Berbice with her boyfriend and I went with Marco for the weekend. We stayed at a hotel for the night and I was so nervous. He then gave me some tablets and told me that it would settle my nerves and help me to sleep because travelling would be very long.“When I took the tablets, all I remember was waking up in a cottage. Marco then came to me and took me by my hand to a nearby cottage where I saw other young girls. Some even looked as young as 13 years old.“I asked him what is going on and he just told me that I’m here to build my future. He told me that in the night men are going to come and give me gold and money to do whatever they want. He left me with the Big Lady and she told me to take off all my clothes. She inspected my body and said I am going to be an expensive one because my body is clean and I am a virgin.“She then called some of the other girls there and they got some short pants, high heels and a bra like top for me and put on a set of make up on my face,” related the teen.She continued, “There was much argument about how much I should be paid for oral, anal and vaginal sex. But it turned out that the man that was given the chance to take my virginity would pay much money and that happened to be a Brazilian man who today turned out to be my husband.”“I would receive huge nuggets of gold that sometimes resembled ice cubes but they would go to Marco whilst I received about $120,000 every three to four days. Some of the girls would only receive like $5000 and $10,000 a day after they would have slept with more than five guys.“I remember one time, one of the 13-year-old girls did not give into a client who wanted anal sex and Marco and the Big Lady tied her to a chair as Marco had anal sex with her as a form of punishment.“The girl bawled whole night saying that she is bleeding and the pain was too much. Sometimes when a really rich man comes in and he wants like three girls at a time,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, we would all have to get naked and the man would ask us to dance for him and then make his selection.“The only reason I was rescued from that area is because my husband came back to just see me and when we got into the private room in the cottage, he told me that he is going to buy me from Marco because he loves me and he hates what is happening to me.“I cried and that very night he gave Marco a bag of raw gold with close to $1.5 million. I am very grateful for what he did because today I am treated like a princess and I don’t have to endure that torture anymore,” expressed Cathy with tears settled in her eyes.The teen is begging the relevant authorities to get involved. She stressed that this is an issue which needs to be addressed.Cathy fears for the lives of many other young girls who are lured and taken into Port Kaituma,Nike NFL Jerseys China, only to be exploited.
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