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Cheap Hockey Jerseys “No doctor

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– says mom battling cancer To many,Evan Engram Jersey, being told that your illness is in its final stage and there’s nothing left to do, is the ultimate breaking point. Depression sinks in, faith deteriorates and the little sanity that remains is like dust in the wind.But that is not the case with 53-year-old Desiree Kalamadeen, of 573 South Cummings Lodge. She is prepared to fight. And with faith and courage by her side, the mother of five has every intention, by all means possible, to prevent breast cancer from shortening the years of her life.“I am prepared to fight. I am not afraid and I want to tell other women like myself that they too do not have to be afraid. I am not ashamed or afraid of my sickness; you must have courage…and faith.”  Kalamadeen sat with Kaieteur News on Saturday to tell her story because she said almost daily one hears of cancer and the different types that exist, but the seriousness or the effects of the disease is not recognized until it hits home, “and that is why I can tell my story.”Kalamadeen said it all started with a lump in her right breast. Towards the end of 2010, she said the irregularity with her breast was noticed and as time passed, the lump seemed to be getting larger. Over time, it then began to ooze and as she described it, “became very awful.”On her first visit to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Kalamadeen said she was advised to take an ultrasound. This she did, as well as having a mammogram at the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital.Kalamadeen and her loving daughter at homeThe test however showed nothing and doctors now recommended that a needle biopsy be performed. At that time, the doctor to perform the test was out of the country and to have it done elsewhere was too expensive.The fight, she said, continued when the doctor returned about a month later, but the biopsy test too came back negative for cancer. For almost three months Kalamadeen had to consume antibiotics, but during that time, she said the breast got worse. “It got harder and harder although there was no pain.”Following that, doctors now recommended that the 53-year-old quit her job as her illness would not permit her to continue with her cooking job. The pressure mounted, Kalamadeen indicated, as her second daughter,Cheap Jerseys, Onise Solomon, had the full burden of the home along with having to raise her two kids since the passing of her husband eight years ago.Another needle biopsy test was recommended,NFL Jerseys Discount, Kalamadeen recalled. This time she was admitted to the hospital on February 21, 2011. When the test results came seven weeks later she said that she took it to her doctor and remembers those grave words: “It is too big. Last stage; It won’t get better.”Kalamadeen said that she remembered saying, “No doctor, not by the grace of God.”  She said that subsequent to that she started chemotherapy. To her, it is the worst of the healing process, Kalamadeen told Kaieteur News.“I had long beautiful hair, but ‘chemo’ makes your hair drop off and your hands and feet black.”As she showed her hands and feet, Kalamadeen recalled the times when her palms and insteps were black, but now, she said it is slowly regaining its natural colour. She remembered how awful but necessary the treatment was,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, despite the vomiting, the hair loss and various other side effects.After Chemo, Kalamadeen said that the breast started to get soft once again. By that time, she said she was already receiving treatment at the Guyana Cancer Institute where she underwent six cycles of chemotheraphy.Subsequent to that, Kalamadeen said the inevitable came. Her doctor informed her that the breast was to be removed. Not knowing what to expect, Kalamadeen remembered gearing herself to have her right breast removed, vowing to be courageous and desperate to not have breast cancer take her life.In the fourth stage of her illness, Kalamadeen said she was admitted to the hospital where the regular heart, lung and chest inspection was performed, “And by the grace of God everything was clear and okay to have the operation.”Following the removal of the breast, Kalamadeen underwent four more cycles of Chemotherapy, along with other recommended medication. She is now gearing for Beam Radiation Therapy which is scheduled for the coming weeks.  After conducting more internal testing Kalamadeen is in the clear for the radiation therapy and there is no fear, she said.“I am happy to do it. If it will make me healthy I have no problem with it,” she told Kaieteur News.  “I have faith that God will come through for me as he has before and I will get better.”When asked,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Kalamadeen said that the Ministry of Health has agreed to pay half of the $400,000 medical bill while she, despite being unemployed,Cheap Jerseys Supply, is feverishly trying to accumulate the rest through friends and family.“I was told in a sense that it (my life) was over,” she reiterated, “But I have courage and I won’t give up because I also have support.” Kalamadeen said her advice to persons like herself is to stay strong and never give up hope because after that there is nothing left. And look for support,” she advised.“I am always happy to share my advice and my ideas, so support groups are very good. They might just be the post you need to brace on.”Anyone wishing to assist Kalamadeen can contact the woman at 675-5841.despite
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