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Andrew Franks Dolphins Jersey mp4h5swr

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– mother asks for leniencyIn a clear case which highlighted the reluctance of some family members to report domestic abuse,Cheap Jerseys From China, a 15-year-old Pouderoyen, West Demerara, girl was badly beaten Wednesday night by her father and has since been hospitalised.The 41-year-old father, a seaman, has been arrested and his wife is now pleading for leniency for him as he is the only breadwinner of the family.The matter is reportedly engaging the attention of social workers and other family members say that they are fed up and “something has to be done”.According to a clearly angry great-aunt of the teenager, the father, who is now locked up at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station, chased the teenager, kicked down doors and cuffed her several times to the head shortly after his return from a sea-trip Wednesday night.The woman said that the man,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, who has five children with his wife,Jerseys NFL China, is in the habit of beating his children severely, and on one occasion last year used a piece of wood to damage the hands of one of his teenage sons. That matter also was reported to the police who reportedly let him loose after his wife and others pleaded for him.The trouble this time all started last week when the man called to speak to his wife but did not like how his daughter spoke to him on the phone.He threatened to inflict a beating on her when he returned from sea.On his return Wednesday evening, and reportedly under the influence of alcohol, he immediately attacked the teenager and cuffed her several times to the face and body.She fled to a back house on Middle Street, Pouderoyen, where she attempted to seek refuge, however,Cheap Jerseys From China, her enraged father pursued her and kicked down the door.The teen managed to elude the man again and returned to her home in front of the yard, where she hid. The father was refused entry and it was only a few minutes later that family members found the battered teen lying on the floor.She was rushed to the West Demerara Hospital and admitted because of the severity of the injuries. Police subsequently arrested her father.Yesterday, from the hospital,Jerseys Cheap NFL, the teenager displayed swellings at the back of her head and on her face.Her mother,Throwback Jerseys, clearly traumatised, asked this newspaper to assist with finding someone to talk to her husband.“He is de only one wukking. Somebody need to talk to him. What meh gun do now?”Yesterday, Ann Greene, Director of the government’s Child Care and Protection Agency, acknowledged that many people fear speaking out on issues of domestic abuse.However, there are several options available for families facing abuse.Not only can a wife or a mother use the Domestic Violence Act to apply for a protective order,Jerseys From China, but police can also charge the abuser for assault.“The person can be made to move out of the home and still have to pay rent and other support. All this is catered for under the Act.”Additionally, the victims can seek refuge at the government-run Help and Shelter.
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