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Ty Montgomery Packers Jersey uh0byfi1

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By Leonard GildarieAny good manager worth his her salt has to look down the line, planning for the future, for expansion…Leonard Gildariecatering for a change in the business environment. Change is the one thing that remains consistent. To do otherwise could spell doom. There will,Guy Lafleur Canadiens Jersey, of course,Jonas Siegenthaler Capitals Jersey, be situations which would be hard to control, and one has to roll with the punches on these.Take a look at Regent Street, for instance,Petr Mrazek Red Wings Jersey, or the fact that more businesses are leaving the confines of the city and consolidating their operations on the outskirts.The success of Gafoors and Giftland Mall would be classical examples of how businesses have changed their modus operandi…looking ahead, taking those calculated risks.Regent Street, with its malls and Chinese stores,Eddie Giacomin Rangers Jersey, has virtually changed the way people shop, party and eat.One of the major challenges for the new Government and any administration that takes the helm of this country will be figuring out ways to deal with the traffic situation. According to figures, an estimated 10,000 more vehicles are hitting the roads each year.With few new road linkages and delays in the construction of the wider carriageways, the situation has become a major problem. One can argue of course that congestion is affecting all countries, especially in the cities, proving a headache for the managers.New infrastructure and the maintenance is by no means a cheap thing.Guyana has land. We have options. We are seeing international donors showing more willingness to invest in projects that will make the lives of Guyanese more bearable and for poverty to be reduced. We have to prioritise.Over recent times, we have been receiving increasing complaints of the agonizing traffic situation, especially in the Diamond area,Jeff Beukeboom Rangers Jersey, and along the East Bank of Demerara.This is a problem that will only get worse. We have one road that links West Demerara and Essequibo,Johan Franzen Red Wings Jersey, the Timehri airport, Linden and the Hinterland. Along the way, are the homes of thousands of residents… and lots of businesses. We have several new housing schemes, including one that is probably the largest…Diamond and Golden Grove.Inexplicably, there is only one narrow access road leading to the two. Getting in and out in the morning and evening peak hours is a nightmare for drivers and their hapless passengers, not to mention the police who toil to control the traffic. Even more alarming is the fact that if anything happens to the one bridge that leads out to the public road, thousands will be stranded on either side.There had been talks before under the previous Government to build a new access road to the two schemes, to relieve the congestion. The land is there. It was reported that the four-lane expansion from Providence to Diamond, which amazingly is still incomplete almost four years later, would have included the construction of that access road.Somehow, it never materialized. There has been no word from the new administration about their plans to fix this ridiculous problem. The one road has created a bottleneck,Guy Lapointe Canadiens Jersey, and ripple effect of crucial man hours lost,Mario Lemieux Penguins Jersey, wear and tear for vehicles and the discomfort, has become intolerable.It is horrendous on school days. One has to leave hours before to make it in time for school and work. There is land at the head of the current access road to the scheme, on both sides, that could be utilized. Another access road would be as critical as a new Demerara Harbour Bridge.The time for action is now by the new administration to address this vexing problem. It should not be.This week, also, I saw an interesting news item reported in a daily that announces that a national contractors’ association has been established. The body intends to bring together contractors and push for improved safety at the workplace.Significantly, the report said that the association wants to assist its members who want to bid for state contracts and face difficulties in the process. Good move.I am a firm believer that two heads are better than one. For too long, the cut-throat business of state contracts has seen growth in the widespread perception of corruption in the tendering and awards. There was no body to hold the contractors accountable. It is the beginning of a good thing.It is not far off, in my thinking, of farmers who all plant peppers and cassava and other cash crops and all selling at Bourda, through a middle-man who makes a killing. When the prices go down, the faces are long. Some of the farmers dump their crops as there is no market or it would cost too much getting it there.The previous government had pushed for the cluster approach, with farmers being advised to form coops that would look to tap into overseas markets. I am not sure how much inroads are being made, as consecutive government have spoken about this and that programme being launched, with few reports on the successes. We asked, but it is like pulling a tooth.I believe that farmers are just not buying into new ways of doing businesses because the approach of selling it has been all wrong. There are lessons to be learnt from Asia where land is scare and decisions have to be deliberate.We need to start thinking differently.The contractors’ association would also call to mind the absence of a bona fide list of home contractors and legislation that can be enforced.For too long we have been hearing about home owners being short-changed by contractors who appear on the scene with lots of smiles and promises. There are no contracts and the arrangements for building the home are ad hoc at best. The frustrations, complaints of frauds and plain stealing,Brooks Orpik Capitals Jersey, are becoming overbearing, with a working system clearly absent.We need an urgent assessment now to correct what has been allowed to grow into a monster. The housing sector has become too important to be so unregulated. I will come in for criticisms, but you point to me some regulations and I will present case upon case of wrongdoing.It is time.
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