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Supporters of A Partnership for National Unity+Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition on the Essequibo Coast have made their demands clear, while vowing their votes for a new unity government,Wholesale Jerseys From China, when the “Unity Train” rolled into the predominantly rice farming community on Saturday last.Nigel Hughes is greeted byprominent Essequibobusinessman Sam BacchusWith the rice industry staring at a mini-crisis, the Essequibo Coast is facing several challenges and residents there have blamed their issues on the current administration and wasted no time in venting their grievances at a massive rally held at Damon Square, Anna Regina.Several Essequibians, mainly rice producers and other business persons took to the podium and stated their case as to why the current government should be stripped of their power come May 11.They stole the spotlight from the main speakers, which included Presidential Candidate David Granger and Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo.Prominent rice farmer and successful businessman Sam Bacchus, before reciting his long list of government failures, charged the coalition with the task of carrying out the wishes of the people. He explained to the party that the citizenry expects them to bebetter than the current administration and work in favour of the people.Presidential Candidate David Granger is huggedby two of his supporters“We are expecting you to carry out the programs and wishes of the people. We expect Constitutional Reforms,Sale NFL Jerseys, we want a return of the constituency system, we want the power to recall our parliamentarians when they do not conform to our wishes; we want transparent transactions.”The rice producer, after urging his countrymen to vote ‘unity party’ said that it was some 23 years ago that he watched Dr. Cheddi Jagan promise “a lean, mean and transparent government. His phrase was a level playing field and constitutional reform among others.”According to Bacchus these promises evaporated with a government that engages in activities that ‘upset the spirit’.“They have made national institutions their milking cows,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, particularly the National Insurance Scheme.”  Bacchus pointed to how the government took US$40M and invested it in the failed CLICO.“CLICO collapsed and we lost the money. No one knows where the money is. But we know that US$40M cannot disappear just like that.”Sam Bacchus during his address at Saturday’s rallyBacchus said that almost a billion dollars was taken from the national treasury and NIS and invested in the Berbice Bridge and “we were not given a cent.”The investment, he said, was a PPP-type of investment “public-private partnership”.“They said that the bridge will bring lots of interest, but they (Bridge authorities) said they are not making profit and those same people do not submit audited accounts.”“That’s a new bridge. You pay $2200 to cross … and with an older bridge in the Demerera Habour; 30 odd years old we pay $100 to cross… and do you know they made almost $400M profit last year?”He also lashed out at GUYSUCO,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which deducted one and half billion dollars from cane cutters’ wages to pay into NIS, but evidence has emerged that no money was paid in.He said no one has stood for the cane cutters; not the President or the Managers of NIS or Chairman of Guysuco.“They say to the cane cutters, don’t worry, they will sell Guysuco’s land and pay that in to NIS.”Bacchus compared the situation to the court ordering restitution and the complainant is robbed once more to repay what was initially stolen.When it comes to the Marriot Hotel, Bacchus said that it is a cause for worry.Enthusiastic APNU+AFC supporters“If I am a taxpayer and I give you my money and you spend it, and I am not the owner of that hotel; then I’m worried,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, distressed and upset.”He said US$36M was spent on the hotel and Guyanese do not know as yet who the owner is.Bacchus went on to the 16 percent Value Added Tax,Jerseys Cheap NFL, which he said only some are compelled to comply with. He spoke of smuggled goods and persons making millions of dollars annually, but do not adhere to the law. This he stated is unfair for those working hard and complying with the law.When it comes to rice, Bacchus can be considered an expert. He zeroed in on the Petrocaribe deal with Venezuela as only benefiting a few. He said that the subsidy on rice (revolving fund) should be removed forthwith.A section of the APNU+AFCAnna Regina rally“Let the industry strive on its own strength to the market forces, let the gift from Venezuela be shared equally and put into the treasury, the consolidated fund.”Natram, a paddy farmer who was stripped naked during a protest by paddy farmers over the industry’s fallout, accused the current administration of “sucking the blood out of the industry”. He identified the Guyana Rice Development Board and Agriculture Minister as being solely responsible for the issues faced by the sector.He charged that they have bundled all the grades and qualities of rice as one and is charging the lowest prices while the preferential millers and government cronies benefit from the lucrative Venezuela deal. According to him, farmers are being offered as low as $500 for a bag of paddy; “a price that could never feed the farmers and their families.”Natram in an angry tone demanded that the rice sector be reformed and a development bank be identified in a bid to aid rice farmers instead of subsidising the industry and using the money in a non-transparent manner.Alvin Shepherd,Jerseys NFL China, a University of Guyana Student from Dartmouth also took to the podium to state his case as a young Guyanese. The lad said he is seeking job creation for young people from the coalition government. He wants better internet quality for the young people of his Region, and a corrupt free system so he can be given the same opportunities to achieve like all other young people in other parts of Guyana. Shepherd insisted that Guyana can and will develop under a united government.
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