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Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey wltxzujt

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By Jacquey Bourne. – say “plastic bags” placed over victims heads.Relatives of some Lindeners who have been charged in connection with crimes, took to the streets on Friday,Ty Montgomery Packers Jersey, demanding the removal of Commander of E Division Senior Superintendent, Calvin Brutus, InspectorSome of the protestors with their placards.Chubinauth Singh and Corporal Philbert Kendall.The protestors who held placards reading “Enough is Enough”, “Singh and Brutus must go”, and “Youths are being victimized for police personal gain” marched along Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, were mainly the family members of three men charged in connection with a recent robbery which occurred on the Mabura Public Road.One protestor, Colwyn Croal, was wanted in connection with the robbery and was subsequently released after turning himself in.Allegations were also made by Carla Bobb, the mother of Winston Hinds, who is a suspect in a murder, alleged that her son was taken to Bamia Creek along the Soesdyke, Linden Highway, where a black plastic bag was placed over his head. She aid that he was beaten and ‘ducked in the creek many times’.A mother’s cryEva Stephens, the mother of Jevon Scott and Devon Stephens, who had wanted bulletins issued for them in connection with a recent robbery, said that her children were in the interior at the time of the incident and that she was only made aware of the allegations against them when she saw the wanted bulletins in the newspapers.As such, she said,Matt Ryan Falcons Jersey, the Police are “staining” her children’s names. “These Police come into my home, want go in me house… They say they see Devon riding the motorbike on the back road going to check truck, like he left a truck dere. They hold on pon me son pon the bike.“When me son see dem he ride away and me son had to ride away because me son don’t have no registration, no license nothing and de bike ain’t in he name, nothing… they torment me and me children. Me son just come from Camp Street.“$500,000 bail they put he on and give he two robbery charges. Dem thing is wrong things. In this country,Reggie White Packers Jersey, you guilty before they prove you innocent,” she stated.Another mother, Coretta Langhorne,Mike Webster Steelers Jersey, alleged that Corporal Kendall and other ranks from the Mackenzie Police Station took her son to a back road where he was beaten to confess to a crime of which she claims he is innocent.According to the woman,Heath Miller Steelers Jersey, her son has been remanded to prison for over a year as a result. According to the police they found booty in a house in which her son resides. The goods were identified by the victims.The mother of Phelon Cumberbatch, for whom a wanted bulletin was issued, said that she did not take her son in to the Police after learning of the wanted bulletin but contacted a lawyer instead, who subsequently took him in.She said eight counts of break and enter and larceny charges were then laid against him and the matter was tried in Georgetown. According to her, bail was set at $2.4 million. At the intervention of the lawyer, Gordon Gilhuys, the bail was reduced to $2 million.She alleged “They couldn’t believe he mek bail. When he come up here for court, Kendall words to him was, ‘Yuh get bail? Meh guh place things on you so they could lock your a** up back again.She said her son was subsequently called in for questioning in relation to another offence and each time he attended court in relation to the issue,John Stallworth Steelers Jersey, more charges would be added.Commander Calvin Brutus contended that the Police are in receipt of enough evidence to charge the trio. He said that a cell phone belonging to one of the victims was found on one of the suspects.He added that a statement was taken from the suspect, who implicated other perpetuators in the crime. The Commander said this was the basis for the arrest of the other suspects.“Other members of the same group who were arrested and charged. It goes way back beyond these robberies,” he stated.The Commander went on to state that the same group of young men was arrested and charged based on the allegation of a skidder wheel which was left at a tire shop.Brutus added that the victim refused to proceed with the matter which resulted in the defendants not being charged additionally. He claimed that the problem is when victims refuse to give evidence against the perpetrators.“When the victims get their things back they don’t go to court and give evidence, so the cases are dismissed.”He also recounted other allegations of theft against the suspects coming out of the Omai and Mabura areas. Brutus said since that the suspects were in hiding, they were not apprehended right away.He added that the evidence against Colwyn Croal was highly circumstantial and not enough, based on legal advice to proceed with the charge; however, it was enough for a wanted bulletin to be issued.Croal was questioned in relation to the incident, the Commander stated, and the case remains open. Brutus further said the length of the trials were no fault of the Police since they are not directors of the Magistrate’s Courts.“In relation to the allegations of assault, if that was so,Rocky Bleier Steelers Jersey, then they should have come forward over a year now…if they are not confident in the office here, there are many other avenues… rather than waiting one year to say ‘my son was beaten’, they have the OPR, the Police Complaints Authority and others.”The Commander said that he would not confirm or deny the case of the plastic bag being placed over the youths head and the alleged beating, since he was not in receipt of such information. He said, however that Inspector Singh is targeted because he solves numerous crimes.“What I know from looking at our records, many of those cases that were being disposed of, many of the victims fail to turn up in court.This is predominantly an area where you have break and enter and larceny and simple larcenies, where, the victims after being given back their properties they have a soft heart and say ‘I have back my stuff’,Sammie Coates Steelers Jersey, and they go and tell the Magistrate ‘we don’t want to proceed anymore’, because they have back their articles.“It has nothing to do with the absence of evidence but the decision taken by the victims,” Brutus contended.Drug traffickingHe added, “When it comes to drug trafficking, I know we’ve made quite a number of cases in this Division, quite recently… persons being remanded for possession, the very last case is 426 grams right in Retrieve. Why would Inspector Singh be a target? It’s because that is his area.“Crime is Inspector Singh’s area so he has to be in the forefront in the tackle against crime. We don’t want a community that is plagued with crime. We need to see this community crime free so that citizens can be free…”On the other hand,Kevin Faulk Patriots Jersey, some residents say they do not want the officers to be removed because they since they are in the division the crime rate is low. One resident in the Wismar Housing Scheme area said she is at peace since Inspector Singh and Commander Brutus are in the Division. “I can now sleep comfortable and doan have to sleep like cat.”Regional Chairman Renis Morian said that numerous complaints of brutality came in from residents against Inspector Singh and called for an investigation.He said that Police brutality should not be encouraged since a regime of peace should be promoted. He said that he is prepared to stand up on behalf of residents against brutality.Morian said that there are countless reports that the Police Commander is involved. He may be aware of the incidents if not involved, Morian said. The Regional Chairman said that the issues are hampering the region’s development.
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