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Cheap NFL Jerseys China vphcjxvr

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Guyana does not manufacture arms and ammunition yet many weapons are reaching the hands of criminal elements. The porous nature of Guyana’s borders and a weak intelligence-gathering system are contributing factors for these unlicenced firearms being easily accessed.APNU’s Winston FelixThis notion was expressed by Winston Felix,Cheap Jerseys Online, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, during a recent interview with this publication on the increase in crimes involving illegal firearms.Felix, a former Police Commissioner, and his colleague Opposition parliamentarians, in March 2013,Nike NFL Jerseys China, voted against and defeated the second reading of the Firearms (Amendment) Bill 2012.The Bill was piloted by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, and that was essentially the reason why the Opposition did not vote in favour. The Opposition had passed a motion of no-confidence against Rohee, last yearThe Bill sought to fill a loophole within the system that allowed trafficking of firearms. As it is,Throwback Jerseys, trafficking of firearms is not unlawful but possession of an unlicenced firearm is. Also, possession of a firearm component is not unlawful. One can have all components of a firearm and can’t be charged once those are disassembled.Felix opined that APNU’s action did not contribute to the increase in gun-related crime.“Right now there are sufficient provisions in the Firearms Act to deal with persons who come into possession of firearms. The Bill we shut down,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, in itself, would not have prevented persons from acquiring arms or deterring them from acquiring arms illegally. In fact, there is legislation right now that deals with that issue. That was just an upgraded law”.But Attorney General Anil Nandlall is contending that the crime situation is linked to APNU’s non-support of the Bill.However,Sale NFL Jerseys, all is not lost. According to Alliance For Change leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, his party will re-table the Bill as a private members’ Bill coming from his party.Explaining APNU’s position,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Felix stated that ranks of the Guyana Police Force have to be sufficiently trained and paid,NFL Jerseys Outlet, systems developed, and adequate resources must be provided and effectively managed. In addition, a comprehensive crime-fighting strategy is needed before the Force could talk about modernization.“The Force cannot be run by persons who want to micromanage the Force from their political offices. The Force has to be trained to act professionally. The Government must come up with a policy which the police must be given to execute. We have not seen that policy unfolding as yet.”“Under the existing Act any component of a firearm you are found with you can be charged as if you had the entire firearm.”Stressing that Guyana does not possess the technology to manufacture arms and ammunition, Felix pointed out that the sprawling hinterland and porous borders to neighbouring countries allow the flow of these unlicenced firearms.“For example, Rupununi has several crossings which the Force or any other agency cannot control. As such, people transporting illegal items could enter the country undetected. In addition, items including undeclared gold could leave the country undetected.“We have to improve surveillance of our borders. We have to be able to detect those who come in with illegal items, those who leave with items that they were supposed to declare. We have to be able to control our borders and until such time, we would not be able to keep out illegal firearms,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched,” Felix stressed.Providing recommendations to the undesirable situation, which is a threat to national security, Felix said the Force needs to urgently detect these illegal items internally, because criminal elements are operating brazenly in the City, hinterland communities, mining camps, and other heavily populated areas.“That is why I emphasized training; good detective work must be able to unearth and must be backed up by a strong intelligence-gathering system. The Force cannot work without a strong, prime intelligence-gathering system to support its operations at this time of its existence.”
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