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–    Calls  for national day of prayersWith all the recent happenings in Guyana, the United Federation for Arts & Culture (UFA&C) has called for a national day of prayers and is asking that it be observed today.Greeting the press with the Hindi word “Namaste” meaning the spirit in me bows to the sprit in you,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, Dr. Satish Prakash,Jerseys From China Online, representing the Arya Samaj Movement,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, gave reasons for his organization along with UFA&C making calls for nationwide prayers.Prakash began his address upon the premise that “no one group, religious or otherwise,China Jerseys Online, owns this nation…”He said that in progression as a nation,NFL Jerseys China Online, “we must feel pure and clean knowing that decent cultural activities clear a pathway towards betterment as a nation”.“Politics cannot be separated from everyday life as politics is a just science of government.” However, “in terms of scheming attitudes which has become to be called politics too,Wholesale Jerseys Online, I cannot be involved in that type of politics.”Prakash declared that Guyana is indeed full of pain; “…and pain respects no race or religious group.”“We need to all work together to be the master of our own world…God doesn’t have one set of children so we need to all stand, march and pray together.”The religious man said that though Guyana is so diverse,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, it is an absolute necessity for all to look deep beyond the skin and see that “we all have the same blood and kind of heart basically; same shape and size.”He affirmed that the religious groups have long been trying to put Guyana on the right road towards prosperity.  “We haven’t totally failed,Cheap Jerseys Online, but we are not there yet.”Prakash then moved to relate some of the social issues noticed during his current visit to his homeland which he said include the “spousal violence phenomenon.” This he said leads to lots of social epidemics that essentially have the domino effect. For an example of such he cited broken homes, which can lead to children searching for love on the streets that can then lead to alcohol and drug abuse, that essentially end in criminal acts or death.“We have developed a poor reputation…we are all seen as drunks. Even at funerals, while religious leaders are inside preaching, some “mourners” choose to be outside drinking.”He said to combat all mentioned, Guyanese need to look to the common rock upon which we stand and pray; hence his support towards the call for a National day of prayers.“I do hope that the state can seek a divine intervention to help us strategize a way for this nation to shine.”The religious leader said that if social ills are not addressed, “they will keep nagging us and deter us from walking the path of prosperity.”Vishnu Bandhu, president of the United Federation for Arts and Culture disclosed that a march led by the security forces in Guyana will take off from Vreed- en-Hoop and will end at the Pouderoyen Tarmac (opposite West Demerara Secondary School) where a service will be hosted from 09:00hrs.The service will include acknowledgements and contributions from each religion in Guyana. The march will begin at 8:00 hrs
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