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Pracovné ponuky • 15.11.2008

Organizácia: Blue Skies
Pozícia: Senior Account Manager
Odvetvie: Financie a Účtovníctvo
Pôsobisko (mesto): East Midlands/East
Pôsobisko (krajina): United Kingdom
Job portál: Európsky pracovný trh
Pracovný pomer: Permanent
Nástup: Dohodou

Náplň práce

This leading marketing communications agency works specifically with technology clients. Some of the world's largest ICT companies rely on them to grow their business through compelling marketing communications.

They are now seeking a motivated and capable Senior Account Manager to grow a selection of agency accounts. The role will also provide essential support for company new business initiatives. The opportunity will appeal to a proven Senior Account Manager who aspires to become an Account Director within a specialist agency.
The Role
* Managing a selection of existing company accounts, overseeing all aspects of agency delivery
* Working closely with clients to establish the scope of work, agency brief and budget allocations
* Provide project leadership on agency creative planning and development of programme/campaign strategy
* Play an active role in media, channel and marketing mix selection
* Dextrous in all areas of integrated marketing services - branding, direct marketing, advertising, online, events, video and publishing
* Planning, researching and writing programme/campaign planning presentations
* Able to present to all levels of client marketing team
* Work closely with agency creative and design teams to ensure 'shake the tree' ideas and proposal for clients

Požiadavky na zamestnanca

* A proven track record within an agency environment, Senior Account Manager level experience
* Experience working with IT and telecommunication clients
* Broad understanding of device/appliance, service provider and software segments, in addition to vendor/channel dynamics
* Possessing a portfolio of integrated marketing programmes
* An aspirational leader - both to clients, prospects and within the agency
* Strong attention to detail

* Creative person with an ability to think laterally

* A strong team player


£35000 - £45000


If you are interested in this role please apply ASAP by sending your cover letter and CV through the portal or directly to:

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Od: Sharky [návštevník], 13.04.2011
At last, someone comes up with the "right" anwesr!
Od: Fanni [návštevník], 21.05.2011
That’s not just logic. That’s relaly sensible.
Od: Trixie [návštevník], 12.06.2011
Your awnser was just what I needed. It’s made my day!
Od: Bayle [návštevník], 12.06.2011
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Od: Alexandra [návštevník], 26.08.2012
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Od: Fitiim [návštevník], 27.08.2012
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Od: Mustafa [návštevník], 29.09.2012
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Od: Jennifer [návštevník], 08.10.2012
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