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Praktické rady týkajúce sa bežného života v cudzine od tých, ktorí už čo to okúsili a majú čo odkázať „nováčikom“

Wholesale NFL Jerseys the KMCRG

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–    Tours planned for Moco Moco Falls and Black RockIn Modern days the Rupununi has been heralded for its pristine beauty andWild-bull riding at a previous Rupununi Rodeorecognized as one of the most biologically diverse regions on earth. But before conservationists and eco-tourists trekked along these red road trails,Cheap NFL Jerseys, this land that is home to Makanaimas children: the Macushi in the North and the Wapishana in the South imbedded in its heart a love for the unique cattle culture that was once its mainstay.Cattle were first brought to the region in the 1860’s by the Dutch trader De Rooji who established the first homestead at Dadanawa in the South Rupununi. By the end of the 19th Century he was succeeded by such notables as the Scotsman H. P. C. Melville and later joined in the 1920’s by Tiny McTurk (of Karanambu fame) in the north. In a boom that lasted almost 50 years from the 1920’s to the mid 1970’s ranching saw its heyday and from the panoramic vistas in the south savannahs to the bush islands of the north this was a land dominated by cattle and the men who worked it; here the land was worked by native Amerindians, gentlemen, rogues and vagabonds alike who carved out for themselves and communities a living steeped in a unique blend of Amerindian,Cheap Jerseys China, Brazilian and English traditions. Stubbornly still extant today, many in the ranching trade join with local communities as champions of the natural habitat looking to conservation and eco-tourism for the regions development.Next Easter weekend, approximately 300 miles from Georgetown on the border between Guyana and Brazil the dusty town of Lethem will celebrates the regions hundred-year-old ranching culture. Showcasing many of the traditions that at one time gained Guyana worldwide recognition as home to the world’s largest free range ranch, ‘The Lethem Rodeo’ has become the region’s single largest and most successful tourism event, welcoming ever growing numbers of both local and international visitors.The country’s largest Rodeo: for many it is an opportunity to see the raw courage of the human spirit as Guyana and Brazil’s best vaqueros showcase their skills against both their animal adversaries and each other. In scenes evocative of the Wild West, male and female vaqueros in plaid shirts and cowboy hats display their mastery of the lasso and mount, you may even be lucky enough to spot one of the old-time saddles: with only toe stirrups they can only be ridden barefoot.With Brazil just minutes away many visitors will capitalize on the opportunity to ‘pop’ across the border for a taste of the Latin culture or a mini shopping spree choosing from among the many community crafts and produce on offer in the booths that ring the rodeo grounds. And,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, as the weekend winds on everyone looking for a reprieve from the heat will find their way to the nearby village of MocoA boy stands near to a giant anthillMoco village for a soak at the falls.This year, with the support of VSO-Guyana, the KMCRG (Kanuku Mountians Community Representatives Group),Cheap Jerseys, and the tourism project at Yupukari Village, Moco Moco has been preparing to welcome this year’s influx of visitors to the community and to introduce them to their latest tourism package- 999 Steps, Black Rock and Moco Moco Falls.The trip from Lethem to Moco Moco is under 30 minutes and along the way visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Kanuku Mountains. A stop to wonder among the masses of termite mounds can be captivating as you imagine the thousands of tiny workers whose never-ceasing labours have produced these imposing natural structures. Growing as much as 6 inches in a year,wholesale jerseys, the mounts easily reach the height of a full-grown man.Keep your eyes peeled and you might just spot the Moco Moco plant from which the community gets its name or if you are really lucky, a giant anteater stalking the mounds for her favourite snack. The drive through the village provides a glimpse into village life: a community on the edge of the township, Moco Moco is a blend of traditional and modern life with electrical lines run from the nearby town of Lethem, thatch roofs sit side by side with zinc,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, and tractors work along with bullock carts.One of the village shops is a good spot to stop to pick up a snack or some water for the trek. As you cross the village the scene transforms from savannah into rainforest as the trail wonders through the community’s favorite farmlands to the falls at the base of the Mountains.Leave your vehicle parked at the now abandoned Hydro-power station and local guides lead by Communities Tourism Coordinator Alton Primus are on hand to escort you along the 999 steps that emerge at a scenic plateau. From here you can observe the vast savannahs and Kanuku mountains from above or look across for a spot of majestic Black Rock. This is a spot to relax, sit and take in the view and enjoy the snacks that you have brought with you. Later you can return to the base of the falls to enjoy your lunch and swim in one of the pools of crisp fresh water.For many this is the highlight of a trip to ‘Rodeo’, the excitement of the sport and cares of normal life washed away by Moco Moco’s unspoiled beauty and fast rushing waters. And though it may feel like you could stay there forever you can still be back in Lethem in no time, to enjoy the after party or the luxury of a comfortable bed in one of the many hotels that Lethem now offers. (Melanie McTurk, VSO Guyana)
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