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GLASGOW NEW HOUSING SCHEME, BERBICE – Yet another mother in Berbice was murdered and all fingers point to her common-law husband of 14 years,Rooplall Boodhoo, who is said to be on the run.Dead is 31-year- old, Lilowtee Seeram, called ‘Pinky’, of Lot 1068 Glasgow New Housing Scheme on the outskirts of New Amsterdam.Her mother,52-year-old Lata Inderdeo,who was also wounded during the ordeal, is now in a stable condition at the New Amsterdam Hospital.When the incident took place just about 01:30 hours on Saturday, only three occupants were in their two-bedroom home – the woman, her mother and her reputed husband.Lilowtee Seeram was severely chopped three times – to the back of her head, and on both arms. In the process, three fingers on the left arm were severed and were recovered by police moments later. Her mother,Lata Inderdeo, who lived with the couple for several years, sustained chops to the right shoulder and the palm of her left hand.After the police arrived on the scene, the women were rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where Lilowtee Seeram died while receiving medical attention.Police recovered a cutlass similar to that used by cane harvesters but from all appearances that may not have been the murder weapon since there were no visible traces of blood on the weapon.Detectives from Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force are working on the theory that the incident may have stemmed from a quarrel between the couple and during the fracas the man dealt some chops to his reputed wife.It was at that point her mother, Lata Inderdeo, intervened and he chopped her (Lata Inderdeo) as well, then attempted to trap her in the living room but was unsuccessful.He then returned to the bedroom and continued attacking his reputed wife.During this time, Lata Inderdeo, managed to open the front door, ran down the stairs and made her way to the gate. As she fumbled to open it the suspect caught up with her and was about to complete the job but she pleaded with him not to do anything further. It was then he escaped in the direction of the Providence cane field to the east.Rooplall Boodhoo, a cane harvester by profession who works at the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Providence cane field, is no stranger to backlands. Detectives combed the backlands but came up empty-handed. So far two of the suspect’s brothers were questioned by police and subsequently released.Pools of blood were visible on the floor, walls, mosquito net, the bed and other places but no blood appeared to be in the room used by Lata Inderdeo. There was even some blood on the lower flat of the two-bedroom house and along the pathway leading to the gate.Sluice attendant attached to the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s Providence location, 58-year-old, Ramnarine Seeram,could no longer fight the tears and sobbed as he recounted the tribulations his only daughter endured at the hands of the man she loved.“He is a frequent abuser.”Lilowtee Seeram was the older of two children. She also produced a girl and a boy like her parents did, 13- year – old Hirawattie Boodhoo who attends the Berbice High School and ten-year old Narendra Boodhoo, called Nicholas,a student of the Edinburgh Primary School.Ramnarine Seeram lives at Lot 122 Edinburgh Housing Scheme which is a short distance from the murder scene. He said that it is customary for the two children to sleep at his home whenever he works the day shift.Before 06:00 hours yesterday, a few of the suspect’s relatives arrived at Mr. Ramnarine Seeram’s home and instructed him to go to the New Amsterdam Hospital immediately.“Me ask them for what and they just keep telling me that. So me tell them me hope they not telling me stupidness. I was enquiring from them what happen and then we start argue because I know was some displeasing news they come to tell me about me daughter.”He did not get any information from them and after they departed he called out to a neighbour with the hope of finding out what happened to his daughter. “Neighbours come out and me daughter church member was crying. But is another Aunty break the news. She tell me, me daughter dead.”The man could not summon the courage to see what is left of his only daughter, “Me ain’t see the body up to now, but from what they saying, she husband put chops in she head,apparently he cut off all or some of she fingers, and he chop she hands and so.” He separated from his ex-wife, the dead woman’s mother, Lata Inderdeo, who is a former teacher, about 17 years ago. “Apparently she ain’t get chop up that bad. After we separate, she living with our daughter less than six years now.”In the early days, Rooplall Boodhoo and Lilowtee Seeram got along just fine but Mr. Seeram said that he was always concerned about the relationship between his daughter and her paramour.“They used to live with me and I put them out. When he drink he rum, she can’t talk to him. When he drink he rum is them hour he does go home one – two o’clock time in the morning. Every weekend when he draw he money he ain’t giving she none. He does drink it out in rum.”Mr. Ramnarine Seeram said that although he was aware of his daughter’s plight, he was often times reluctant to intervene. “Whenever me ain’t check on them, things like this does happen. As a father, she don’t tell me anything but he (Rooplall Boodhoo) does come and complain first. Then the other thing is that he go tell the police several times that me does get in their affairs. He threaten me several times.”“Is six years they live with me right here at Edinburgh. He does cuss me up, tell me all kinda thing and so. He always cussing. Is because of he behavior me had to let them go.”Hirawattie Boodhoo went home as usual from school on Friday and to her everything was normal with her mother. Later in the evening she asked her mother about going over to her grandfather’s place.“She say yes and I tell she bye and I left. Me brother was already here at my grandfather. She call we about 8 o’clock (20:00 hours) and ask what we doing. I tell she and she said bye.”That would be the last conversation she had with her mother. She knew her parents fought several times before but never did she imagine a situation like this. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she made several attempts to relate the abuse her mother suffered at the hands of her father.“All I can say is that they does fight and he does beat she up.”One of the suspect’s relatives, who declined to identify herself, said the couple had their problems. “After 12 last night (midnight Friday) me hear quarrelling and realise is them. The next thing me know is one of he brothers who live right in here (Glasgow New Housing Scheme) come to we house and say ‘Pinky’ get chop up. Them boys pick up she (Lilowtee Seeram) and carry she downstairs and then we carry she to the hospital when the police come.“Me ain’t see but people say the police pick up about three of she fingers that he chop off.”Another person from the neighbourhood described the scene as a bloody one. “He chop she and she mother; he is a cane-cutter and he know how to chop. He cruel…But is drunk he did drunk. That is what rum does do to people.”The death of 31-year- old Lilowtee Seeram takes to six the number of homicides recorded in Division ‘B’ of the Guyana Police Force for 2010.Among that figure were at least two other mothers, 43-year old Esther Albert also known as ‘Kamla’,of Bhanjara Sawmill Dam, Lot One Grant 1803 Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne; and 43-year old Nalini Bhoge of Lot 19 Line Path, Corentyne,who both left young children behind. So far none of the killers have been apprehended.
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