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By Dr Zulfikar BuxAssistant Professor of Emergency MedicineGuyana has a very successful vaccination rate, and efforts are being made to near the 100% coverage mark.Dr Zulfikar BuxAs the spread of diseases such as swine flu, Zika, Chikungunya, Ebola etc are becoming more common, new vaccines are being developed to combat these diseases, given their debilitating consequences.There are some who do not believe in vaccine use and can influence others to desist from taking or letting their loved ones take vaccines. This has led to outbreaks of previously controlled diseases in some countries.Today we will highlight important concepts on vaccines so that one can understand its significance.WHAT ARE VACCINES?Vaccines are treatments used to prevent certain serious or deadly infections that can strike at any time in life. Vaccines work by preparing the body to fight the germs that cause the infections.Vaccines usually come in shots, but some come in nose sprays or medicines that children swallow. Vaccines are also called “vaccinations” or “immunizations.”WHY SHOULD MY CHILD GET VACCINATED?Getting vaccinated can help keep your child from getting sick. If your child does get sick, being vaccinated can keep him or her from getting severely ill. Plus,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, being vaccinated also helps protect the people around your child from getting sick.HOW MANY VACCINE DOSES DOES MY CHILD NEED?Each vaccine is different. Some vaccines work after just one dose. But most need two or more doses to prevent an infection. Vaccines usually take a few weeks to start working.AT WHAT AGES WILL MY CHILD GET VACCINES?Different vaccines are given at different ages. In Guyana,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, most babies get their first vaccine at birth when they get their BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine. After that, healthy children are expected to follow a set vaccine schedule which is arranged by the Nurse Doctor at the health centre clinic you are expected to visit with your child for regular checkups.Even though doctors follow a set vaccine schedule,Cheap Jerseys USA, children can get certain vaccine doses at different times. For example, children can get their third dose of the polio vaccine any time from 6 to 18 months old. Some children will follow a different vaccine schedule.Children might be on a different schedule if they:* Have certain medical problems*Started getting their vaccines later than usual*Started getting their vaccines on time, but then missed doses and fell behind scheduleYour doctor or nurse will recommend a vaccine schedule that is right for your child.WHAT SIDE EFFECTS CAN VACCINES CAUSE?Often,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, vaccines cause no side effects. When they do cause side effects, they can cause:*Redness, mild swelling, or soreness where the shot was given*A mild fever*A mild rash*Headache or body achesMost of these side effects happen within one to two days of getting the vaccine. But they can happen one to two weeks after the getting shot for chickenpox or the shot for measles, mumps, and rubella.Vaccines also sometimes cause more serious side effects than those listed,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, such as severe allergic reactions. But serious side effects are rare.Ask your doctor or nurse what side effects to expect each time your child gets a vaccine. If your child has a reaction or a problem after a vaccine,Cheap Jerseys From China, let your doctor or nurse know.WHAT IF MY CHILD IS SICK, AND HE OR SHE IS SUPPOSED TO GET A VACCINE?If your child is sick and supposed to get a vaccine, let your doctor or nurse know. Depending on the type of vaccine and your child’s symptoms, your doctor or nurse might give your child the vaccine or wait until your child is better.WHAT IF MY CHILD HAS AN EGG ALLERGY?If your child has an egg allergy, let your doctor or nurse know. Some vaccines can have egg in them because of the way they are made. Your doctor or nurse will tell you which vaccines are safe to get.SHOULD I KEEP TRACK OF MY CHILD’S VACCINES?Yes. It’s important to keep a list of the vaccines that your child gets and when he or she gets them. Many schools and day cares need this information before they let a child in. You can keep your list up-to-date by bringing it to your check-ups.IS THERE A BENEFIT TO DELAYING VACCINES UNTIL MY CHILD GETS A LITTLE OLDER?No! Some parents think it helps to let children get older than the recommended vaccination ages before giving them too many vaccines. The truth is, studies show that delaying vaccines could actually have downsides. For example, one study found that children who got their first MMR vaccine later than they were supposed to had a higher risk of fever-related seizures. The vaccine schedules doctors recommend have been carefully studied. Do not delay your child’s vaccines.So please let us work together to achieve vaccination for all in Guyana. This will lead to a healthier nation with a lesser disease burden.
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