cheap jerseys and part of the agreement he signed

Praktické rady týkajúce sa bežného života v cudzine od tých, ktorí už čo to okúsili a majú čo odkázať „nováčikom“

cheap jerseys and part of the agreement he signed

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Drivers who worked for GECOM are alleging that they worked for months as contracted drivers and they have not received any payment to date.According Ray Osborne,NFL Cheap Jerseys, one of the drivers, he was told that he would be paid $15,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online,000 per hour. He decided to work long hours from “Sunday to Sunday” at GECOM’s Church Street Branch,cheap nfl jerseys, but when it was time to issue payments there was always the problem that money was not released.“They keep pushing us around every time we go to collect our payment. And on Sundays we work whole day,Cheap Jerseys Outlet,” Osborne said.He said that on many occasions when drivers would be seeking a meeting with someone in authority to highlight their respective concerns, they are always told that there is a meeting in process and no one can be interviewed.“This is stressing me out because I pawn some stuff to buy gas to move around the staff. People asking me now if I coming to take out me thing in pawn!” Osborne said. “How can we work without being paid?”According on Mark Matheson, he was contracted since January 2010 as a driver for GECOM, and part of the agreement he signed, was to receive payment every two weeks. However, when he approached GECOM for payment on the first occasion he was told that his contact was misplaced and he would have to renew it.Matheson said that the contract was renewed but,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, when he further approached GECOM Church Street Branch he was greeted with the excuse that the government had not released funds for payment.He added,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, “Sometimes we got to wake up people to verify, even in the middle of the night.”“We have mortgages to pay and some of us have our car to pay for.” The frustrated driver said that he tried contacting the assistant to the finance officer at GECOM and was told that the money was released and they were supposed to be paid. “Our (phone) numbers, address and names were taken but they never call we to tell we anything about payment.”He added that he was told by an official at GECOM that the Government is to be blamed and not GECOM since they are awaiting funds.Another driver Shawn Schultz said that he was contracted for three months and was not paid any money since his commencement of work.“They told me after the first month that I should wait after my three months up for pay. Up to now my time up, and no money paid out.”GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Vishnu Persaud said that he had no knowledge of the situation.Persaud said that he would undertake to delve into the matter with a view to initiating a mutually favourable resolution. However, at this stage he is unaware of the issue.
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