Artemi Panarin Jersey on whether to repeal

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Artemi Panarin Jersey on whether to repeal

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…says Statutes on the Books for a reasonWhile he personally considers “homosexuality to be an abomination,” Junior Finance Minister Juan Edghill also holds the belief that there must not be discrimination against Guyanese when it comes to accessing services such as healthcare or employment.The former Chairman of the Guyana Council of Churches, has been a religious leader in the Christian community for several years. Recently he said that while Cabinet has not taken a position “for or against” homosexuality or the death penalty laws, it has “committed to consultations.”Former Chairperson of the Guyana Council of Churches and Junior Finance Minister Bishop Juan EdghillEdghill was at the time asked about his opinion on the intention on the part of Government to “review” its Death Penalty and Homosexual Laws.Edghill urged all and sundry whether for or against the legislation to avail themselves to use the opportunity to have their voices heard.He was adamant that regardless of whether a member of society is for or against the measure,NFL Jerseys Cheap, that member is required to voice his position so that an informed decision can be made in the end.According to the Government Minister, this is the only way the society will be able to fashion a menu of measures beneficial to all, on whether to repeal, keep or amend the relevant legislation.Confronted with the scenario that developed countries may be pressuring Guyana to amend its homosexuality and death penalty laws in exchange for aid, Bishop Edghill says that while “it is a real concern,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey,” he personally has not had any such engagement during his time as a Government Minister.Speaking to the issue of abolishing the death penalty, Bishop Edghill told this publication that “the Bible is not inconsistent on the matter.”He says that the Bible does allow for the death penalty but was adamant that there has to be a “fair judicial system in place that is free from corruption and manipulation.”Bishop Edghill said that as in the case where the Bible caters for accidental killings as well as premeditated killings,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, so too does the law but it is the system that has to be working properly.It cannot be a case where wrong persons are executed,Artemi Panarin Jersey, according to Bishop Edghill.On the issue of the cross dressing laws, Bishop Edghill reiterated his stance on homosexuality.According to Edghill, it is a wrong practice where human beings misrepresent themselves for sexual favours.He posits, “Why else would a man dress like a woman and approach a man.”Edghill says that this in itself can lead to confrontations which can escalate into violence.Homosexuality and the laws criminalizing such practices “are well known.”The Bishop was adamant that the Laws are in the Statute Books “for a good reason.”Cross dressing is meant to deceive a person’s identity, argues Edghill who reiterated his belief that homosexuality is an abomination.He warned that it would be undesirable for such a law to be amended only to having persons traversing the country teaching especially young children, that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.Bishop Edghill says that he is in no way arguing against equal rights for human beings and points to the trend in the US.Edghill says first it was about equal rights to services, now it is about marriage and wanting to adopt children.He said that even if one were to argue that “buggery’ can be called consensual sex between two male adults, “it is still wrong.”The Muslim Community has also voiced consternation to the move to legitimise homosexuality but its public representatives say it is too early to definitively pronounce on the matter.President of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) Fazal Feroze has said that while he has not been presented with any formal proposal from the Guyana Government as it relates to amending the Laws, he is aware of a promised consultation on the matter.He said that he is cognizant of the fact that Guyana has signed on to several international conventions that would speak on the matter of homosexuality and the death penalty among others.According to Feroze,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CIOG had been informed some time back of a promised consultation on the matters at hand.According to the CIOG head,Cheap Sports Jerseys, while the Muslim Community would not support such homosexual postures, it will not discriminate.He says that the Islamic teachings would not allow the community to discriminate.“We still don’t know the full ramifications,” said Feroze, who added also that on the issue of the death penalty, Islamic law does provide for interpretations.He said that he is fully cognizant of the fact that Guyana is not an Islamic State and reminded that the Muslim community will wait and see what proposals are being made by the Guyana Government.There has been intimation on the part of the administration, to commence some sort of consultation process with a view to soliciting the views of Guyanese on the matters.The United Nations has over the years been pressing the country to repeal its homosexuality laws as well as the death penalty provisions.Human Services and Social Security Minister, Jenifer Webster says that the matter will be dealt with at the level of a Special Parliamentary Select Committee.
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