Wholesale NFL Jerseys China it is claimed

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Wholesale NFL Jerseys China it is claimed

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… for wrongful arrest and imprisonment of teenAttorney-at-Law Mursaline Bacchus has filed a $5M lawsuit in the High Court against the Attorney General (AG) and the Guyana Police Force on behalf of his client, Rawle Carter, seeking redress for wrongful arrest and imprisonment by members of the Joint Services.The 18-year-old who was locked up at the Central Police Station by ranks of the Joint Services for over 18 hours, reportedly without being given food, water or even allowed a phone call, is seeking redress through the High Court.Attorney Bacchus had dispatched a notice to the Attorney General over a month ago indicating his intention to file a constitutional motion for his client if the Attorney General did not respond within one month. That time has since elapsed.In the motion which is addressed to the Attorney General of Guyana at 95 Carmichael Street North Cummingsburg, Georgetown, the AG has 10 days to cause an appearance or respond, failing which the matter will proceed and judgment may be entered on behalf of the Plaintiff.The claim against the State is for trespass to the person (false imprisonment) of the plaintiff by a member of the Guyana Police Force, an agent or servant of the state at Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice, and at New Amsterdam, Berbice,Cheap Jerseys From China, on the 19th of June 2011, resulting in loss and damage to the plaintiff.The young man, who his attorney claims was never been involved in any brushes with the law, and some others were picked up by a joint services patrol on the evening of Sunday June 19, whilst on their way home. He was reportedly on his bicycle and claims to have been dumped into a police pickup and subsequently thrown into the lock ups.His lawyer says the teen was never told why he was arrested until they were at the station, where they were informed that they had been arrested for rape.   His request for a phone call was allegedly met with a series of expletives.  He was booked and placed in the lock ups with the others. They were subsequently taken out and told to take off their clothes,cheap jerseys online, where they were checked for marks,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and or tattoos, before being returned to the lock ups.According to the motion, around midday on the following day (June 20) they were again taken out of the lock ups and questioned. They were never read their rights (about having a lawyer, their parents or the right to remain silent). After the statement they were again placed into the lockups. All the time,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, it is claimed, they were not given any food,NFL Sport, water or allowed a phone call. His relatives had no clue where he was. Around twilight on June 20 they were escorted out of the lock ups once again where they were questioned once more. They were then told to go home and return on Tuesday (June 21). He did so with his mother. At the station they were told that they should return on Wednesday, June 22.At the station on Wednesday,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China, June 22, accompanied by his mother, they met a senior officer. They claim that they were told that the matter was finished and that the officer apologized on behalf of the Guyana police force for the tardiness of the ranks on duty and for not being allowed a phone call.
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