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Sonny Jurgensen Redskins Jersey wyajt3ii

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Since its launch in September 2007, a total of 277 children (persons under 18 years old) have been assisted by the Guyana Legal Aid Children’s Project. Of this number,just about half (50.5 percent) of all the assistance has occurred in 2009 alone.The assistance comes under the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) funded Children’s Legal Aid Project. This number includes new clients as well as existing cases.Up to October 2009, a total of 140 children have been assisted under the project. Fifty-eight of them (41.4 percent) were new clients and 20 of them representing (14.3 percent) were existing clients.  In 2007,the number assisted was 43. It increased to 94 in 2008.Of all the cases taken under the Project, criminal matters dominate those taken to advice and representation. For this year,58 new clients were interviewed for criminal matters, while there were 35 interviews for civil matters,and 14 victims of crimes sought the assistance of the clinic.Seventy-eight of the clients who sought assistance for criminal matters were given advice and were represented,while six were given advice only.  Twenty of the 78 cases were existing matters.Some cases handled by the project included assault, child neglect, larceny, attempted murder and domestic violence. Of all the matters dealt with for this year, 14 domestic violence victims had approached the clinic;  three were given representation and advice,while 11 were given advice only. Next came the criminal cases of assault, where eight new clients were interviewed for the year. Seven of those new clients were given advice and were represented,while one was given advice only.Five children were interviewed for the first time, this year under the criminal matter of robbery with violence under arms, three of which had received advice and representation, while the other two received advice only.There were two new cases of murder. Both clients received advice and representation,along with two previous murder cases under the Children’s Legal Aid Project.The project was launched in September 2007, and its purpose is to provide legal aid services to children who need assistance with criminal and or civil cases.Children can either approach the clinic directly or be referred to by family members, government ministries or agencies,or by Non-Governmental Organisations that provide non-legal assistance to children; such as Help and Shelter or Red Thread.
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