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Larry Johnson Chiefs Jersey w0phwgqz

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A Block 4, Tain, Corentyne, Berbice family is still in deep shock and trauma as they were badly beaten and robbed by four armed, masked men on Tuesday evening.According to Shaline Mohabir,Robert Alford Falcons Jersey UK, she and her relatives, some of whom had come to visit, were sitting downstairs at the back of their home, frying chips around 21:00 hrs, when shortly after, four men “appeared out of nowhere”. Mohabir lives with her mother, brother and 3-year-old daughter. Her sister, husband and 2 children were visiting at the time.“One man rush and me scream, and dem get a gun and point it at me and seh, ‘Don’t move,Tevin Coleman Falcons Jersey UK, no screaming, or else we gun chop and shoot yuh’, so now we get scared and dey come into the house…,” she noted.The house where the robbery took placeMohabir recounted that as soon as they lifted their heads to look at the bandits,John Stallworth Steelers Jersey UK, the men dealt several blows to them.“You can’t look dem in their face, because they cuff you, so dey get everybody in the house now, on the floor. Dey go in the shop and take what they had to take. Dey came out back and said that was not enough. Dey collect me and took me and kicked me and cuffed me for more money. I told dem I did not sell any kind of money that day”, she posited. Mohabir operates an off-licence grocery.The men then started to beat her brother, Adesh, badly with a cutlass, and “then they started to lash my husband, Suresh, on his head with the cutlass handle and my sister’s husband,Dave Robinson Packers Jersey UK, Latchman Kaloo, they kicked him and he has cracked ribs right now,Lynn Swann Steelers Jersey UK,” she recalled.The men then took Mohabir upstairs and demanded “all of the jewellery”.“So I give them everything. They still were beating me for more. I tried to hide my children’s jewels, but them still beat me, so I had to give them everything”, she noted. She said the men carted off over $2M in jewellery that night. They also took over $100,000 in cash savings and $50,000 from her shop.“Then they came downstairs and started to beat my mother, Khakahee Mohabir, for hers…and the only thing that left was my daughter’s earring, because it won’t come off her ears and I told them I will rip it off her ears,” she noted. “I begged for mother and I told them she had a serious surgery,Mike Webster Steelers Jersey UK, and that let them not beat her. I told them to beat me for her”, she noted.The men then filled their haversacks with items from the shop,Kevin Greene Steelers Jersey UK, including cigarettes, juice, cookies, lighters,Grady Jarrett Falcons Jersey UK, etc.The entire ordeal lasted 10 minutes and the men also ransacked the home.“Everything they gone with; we have nothing left. They also took my brother’s laptop and his cell phone. The computer cost over $300,000,Ray Nitschke Packers Jersey UK,” she noted. They took over $1M in jewellery from her mother and over $100,000 in cash – money she says her mother was supposed to use to perform a religious function this week.“We have nothing left”.The family members received medical attention for their injuries. Mohabir believes that the men were people whom they knew and visited their shop often since one of the bandits, during the ordeal, asked for the chain he usually saw her husband wear while he (the bandit) would come and play a game of pools at their shop.The family members, who did not even want their photos taken, are still scared that the men will return and continue their terror.“What you work and get for how many years, in 10 minutes, everything gone”, Mohabir lamented.The men escaped into the canefields aback of their home. The family called the police who arrived 10 minutes after. The policemen who returned the following morning to take fingerprints, promised to return to take statements, but according to the family, did not.
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