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jerseys nfl wholesale ybxthr3g

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Carolyn Williams of #59 Village,cheap nfl jerseys china, Corentyne,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, is claiming that she was badly beaten on December 27, by a female rank attached to the Springlands Police Station in Corriverton.According to Williams, three ranks (two male and a female) turned up at her home on the said morning and enquired about stolen articles. The ranks then requested to search the entire house, which they did. She said the officers did not produce a warrant to search their home.A few days earlier, a couple of the same village,NBA Store, had allegedly “consulted a crystal ball” and thereafter made allegations to the police against Williams and her husband, Lionel Persaud, for break-and-entering on December 24.Afterwards, the officers collected Williams and Persaud and took Williams to the Springlands Station while Persaud was taken to the #51 Police Station for questioning and interrogation.Williams then related a tale of gruesome beatings she allegedly received.“Officer (name provided) rolled me hair on she hand [and] she take me head and knock it to the right side of the wall and then she decide to kick me and she kick me on me belly, breasts, arm and foot, and then she started to cuss up me bad”, Williams related.“After she do that, she start to cuff me belly more bad and afterwards when she done beat me she start talking that she beat a girl before me and after she beat the girl, the girl start beg she”.Williams claims she was then thrown into the lock- ups where she remained until 1:00pm later that day. Persaud was also locked up but was released on Friday at 1:30pm, after paying $20,000 station bail.The woman added that the rank started to beat her up after she denied any knowledge of stolen articles. “Me seh me husband didn’t take anything, he didn’t thief anything. I tell she he ain’t take anything, then she start to beat me”.“Me start to get bad belly pain. It coming,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, [and] going. Me head paining bad. I went to the Skeldon hospital”, she posited.Afterwards,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, she noted, “me come home and then me start to vomit blood”.“I really want that she [the rank] must get knock off she job because she take she eyes and pass me and if she knock me there (pointing to her belly) she can do that to more people. She ain’t get feelings,” Williams lamented.Persaud said that this is the second time he is being harassed. “Let the matter go further, let it go further,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China,” he said. He said his wife is two months pregnant and the pregnancy could be in jeopardy as a result of the beatings. She has to visit the doctor again today.When Kaieteur News contacted the Station Sergeant of Springlands, he said that he has no information on any alleged beating, involving the named rank. The rank was not in at the time. The Station Sergeant directed this newspaper to Central Police Station in New Amsterdam to speak with the Commander. When this was done, Kaieteur News told by the switchboard attendant that “the new commander is not here as yet [in Berbice]”.
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