Brian Dawkins Eagles Jersey x1gb2m1l

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Brian Dawkins Eagles Jersey x1gb2m1l

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It’s not important to hold all de good cards in life, but it’s important how well you play wid de cards you hold. That is a saying dem boys know since dem li’l because dem love card games and love to tek chances.But de PPP don’t know how to play cards. Dem had all de best cards in dem hand and dem losing every game dem play.Dem go pun de platform at Friendship Thursday and de way dem behave dem boys believe that dem was running against Glenn Lall and not APNU+AFC.De whole meeting was about cussing Glenn and Kaieteur News.Only 15 people tun up and while dem cussing Glenn Lall some of dem same people call Glenn to ask if he running fuh president.Dem want to know how come dem didn’t know about he party. Dem seh that normally from de stage, people does promise de voters all kind of nice things. Dem does promise jobs, more pay,Shaquille O Neal Cavaliers Throwback Jersey, in fact,Tony Dorsett Cowboys Throwback Jersey, de moon and de stars until de election over.Dem never know that de political platform is now a cussing ground.  Dem cuss Glenn fuh talking and exposing corruption, dem cuss he fuh promising to lock up Jagdeo,Michael Irvin Cowboys Throwback Jersey, Brassington,Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox Throwback Jersey, Ashni, Anil and de full pack or cards.De people was hoping to hear something position, or at least a rant and rave bout de opposition. You coulda hear a pin drop. And instead of hearing ‘Vote foh we’ dem bawling to de people “Don’t buy Kaieteur.’Dem boys seh that dem got a message fuh dem. Kaieteur is like a sexy woman. No proper man can keep he hand,Brooks Robinson Orioles Throwback Jersey, he eye, and even he mouth off she.On top of that, de paper got honesty,Sam Mills Panthers Throwback Jersey, decency, integrity and most importantly,Gary Zimmerman Denver Broncos Throwback Jersey, truth. Everybody know when you got truth pun you side you got de Creatah in you corner. In fact, he deh all over watching you back, you front,Dan Hampton Bears Throwback Jersey, you side up top, bottom—all over.  What about all dem decent human beings in Guyana.Dem boys seh that all Guyana know that de cussing start from a man who ain’t got children,Orlando Cepeda Braves Throwback Jersey, and who don’t care about people children.Dem boys hope that de people who following his footstep and cussing down pun de stage desist from doing so for de betterment of their own children sake and that of de nation.Talk half and pity dem disgusting cussers.
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