Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Bobby

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Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Bobby

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There is an old saying, and Brazzy proving it right. It seh that guilty conscience speaks louder than words. Brazzy continue running. In de Hard Times paper he try fuh defend he actions.  He seh that when he sell de Santa Complex, he drive a hard bargain. Dem boys seh that he bargain was hard like a yellow plantain. He eyes pass people,Nobody want fuh know wha kind of bargain he drive,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, whether it soft or hard. People want fuh know how much you sell de US$50 million complex for Brazzy? Dem boys believe that y’all cut a deal; that you guys plan to give it away to de Rat and he best friend fuh next to nutten long before de so call sale. And you Brazzy damn well know that Bobby and Jagdeo is de richest couple de region got, and would ever see.Dem boys wouldn’t rest until you come clean. Fuh too lang you, Brazzy, been running Ponzi scheme wid de poor people of this country assets. You enrich yuhself and yuh bosses. De scheme coming to an end and all y’all got to guh to jail. Uncle Donald seh suh quietly.All Ponzi scheme does come to an end. Dem boys want remind dem bout Allen Stanford and Bernie Madoff, both of dem in pumpkin jumpsuit. And if you head hard, dem in jail and dem ain’t coming out.And every time dem boys talk ‘bout jail,Wholesale Jerseys, Bobby,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Brazzy and now Rohee does get nervous. Rohee seh that he nah able wid jail. That is why he tek over de police commissioner wuk,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, yesterday.Dem boys seh that de first thing he do was to move Ramnarine,Cheap Jerseys From China, de man who dem didn’t give no money and seh dem give. And because de man talk,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, dem vex.Dem boys seh that dem now change Rohee name. He now name Lewoy Dumbell Whoey. Brumell is de other commissioner.Talk half and prepare fuh de other half in jail.
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