Wholesale Jerseys dem just run in the house

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Wholesale Jerseys dem just run in the house

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– Albouystown residents claim harassment Two residents of Albouystown are claiming that they are being targeted by members of the Guyana Police Force.According to Selwin Gillis of Hogg Street, Albouystown, a group of policemen, both uniformed and plainclothes ranks, swooped down on his home some time around 4:30 hours yesterday.According to Gillis, the lawmen stormed his yard while he was sleeping, and he was awakened by a loud banging on his front door. Mala Soodoo, whose sons were detained following an early morning raid. The man said that before he could have reached his front door to open the men had already kicked open the door.“I don’t understand wha happen. Dem ain’t tell me nothing; dem just run in the house, and when I ask dem wha dem doing, one a dem tell me shut me f…ing mouth,” Mr Gillis recalled.He added that the men then pushed him away and proceeded to ransack his home, without showing a search warrant or giving any reason for the search.“The next thing dem do is run in the bedroom,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, pull out me 15-year-old son and drag he and carry he away in de police van,” the man said.According to Gillis, throughout the ordeal he kept enquiring why his son was being taken away, but no answer was given. The man said his son has been on welfare for the longest while since his mother died, and has never had any run-in with the law.“Me son is a li’l boy. Tell me,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, when you treat he like a criminal, wha you putting in he head if he know he innocent? This ain’t fair,” Gillis lamented.Up the press time the teen was not released from police custody. He was being kept at the Ruimveldt Police Station.Meanwhile,NFL Jerseys Supply, just another corner away over in Hill Street, another family suffered the same faith.Mala Soodoo said she and her four sons were awakened from their sleep some time around 4:00 hours when a group of policemen stormed their Hill Street home. The door that police ranks kicked open during an early morning raid at the home of Selwin Gillis. According to Soodoo, she heard the sound of people running up her front steps, and she peeked through a window only to see police ranks surrounding her home.    “The next thing I hear is like dem kicking open the door, but I hurry and open up so that de door ain’t break down,” the woman recalled.The woman said as the men entered the house they kept asking: ‘Is way de drug deh?’, and she kept insisting that there were no drugs in her home.By that time she said her four sons, aged 24,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, 23, 16 and 15, were all awakened,Wholesale Jerseys, and they came into the living-room to see what was going on.“As soon as me sons dem come outside from de bedroom de police scramble dem and drag all a dem downstairs and just put dem in de vehicle. I keep asking is where dem carry dem, and de police just keep telling me shut me mouth.”The woman said the men then ransacked her home,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, saying that they were searching for drugs and asking for someone named ‘Jon Jon’. The woman said when morning broke she went to the Brickdam Police Station to enquire about her children.She said she was not allowed to see her children, but she was informed that the two adults were in the Brickdam lock-ups and the teenagers were at the Ruimveldt Police Station.Late yesterday afternoon the woman told this newspaper that her two teenage sons were released from custody, but her other sons remained in custody.
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