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Steve Bartkowski Falcons Jersey u51j2xhm

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– Repeatedly raped in front of toddler sonA young mother of one said that she is living in fear as her reputed husband of six years remains bent of beating her despite dozens of reports to the police.Nandine Narine,23,a mother of one said that she has been suffering six years of violent beatings at the hands of her reputed husband, Rafeek Saffee.As a result of the beatings,Narine said that she suffered two still births and had to be rushed to the hospital on several occasions.What is more disturbing,Narine said, is the fact that she has been making constant reports at the Ruimveldt Police Station but nothing has ever been done.“Every time he beat me and I go to the station,by the time I reach home he deh behind me and is another beating and he parents does live right next door. If they see he beating me they don’t say nothing.”Because of the constant abuse the woman said she was forced to flee her home with her four- year-old son.“I never left he before because me son like he bad and at the end of the day is he father and he would always promise to stop but he don’t ever.”According to Narine,her last straw was a few weeks back when she decided to leave her home with her son.“I couldn’t tek it no more and I talk to me boss lady and she offer me a room fuh me and meh son.I went again to the police and the welfare and they advise me to go to legal aid to get a restraining order but still them ain’t charge he.”Narine said that her reputed husband kept her prisoner for years as he stopped her from seeing her relatives.“When he beat me, if I go to bathe he got to come and stand up and watch me; if I want go toilet he behind me when I go to work he does come and sit at me work place whole night”.Even after Narine moved out, she said that her reputed husband continued to show up at her work place although her employers had banned him from the place.“He still would come and when he find me beat me up.”Narine said her nightmares and beatings were not over as two weeks ago her reputed husband sneaked into her work place and began making demands.“He come and again he start beating me and he go in my bag and tek away $20,and my boss lady tell me go to the station.”A report was made at the Brickdam Police Station about the theft and the beating. However, only last Wednesday Saffee was arrested and taken to court.The woman related that having realized that Saffee would be charged she felt a bit of relief knowing that he may have been locked up.“Friday morning the case call but when the Magistrate call fuh he,he didn’t come to court yet.  Later in the day police bring he in handcuff”.Unfortunately when the matter was called again the Magistrate merely fixed another date for the matter to be called.“I honestly think he was still in the lock ups because he left court in the police vehicle and with handcuff but I was wrong.”Narine said that around 23:00 hours on Friday night she had just put her son to sleep and came out of the room to tend to some other business when she noticed a shadow at her room door. To her surprise it was her reputed husband.“He drag me in the room with my son and he had a knife and he start slapping me up and I ask he wha he doing here and he say once I got money I can’t get lock up.”His entry to the building was recorded on surveillance cameras.According to Narine, Saffee then shut the room door and kept beating her asking her to drop the court matter.The woman said that fearing for her life she agreed to drop the court matter but that was not all her reputed husband wanted.“He tell me tek off me clothes and I tell he no and he start beating me again and by then me son wake up and he just beat me and tek off me clothes and in front me son he rape me. I deh hollering all the time but nobody ain’t come to help.”Amidst tears,Narine related that her son was forced to watch the entire ordeal as she was raped and sodomized.“When I finish I go and bathe and he start cussing. ‘Oh you bathing; you got a next man coming over.’”The woman further related that she sat the entire night crying and pleading with her reputed husband to leave but he refused.“Is till like five in the morning he go away and I never see he back and I went to the police again and mek a report but the police didn’t want tek me report and so I go to the Police Complaints Authority.”Up to press time yesterday the woman said she was merely told that investigations are ongoing.These events have now left many questions in Narine’s mind about her safety and the duty of the Guyana Police Force to serve and protect.The woman said the system has failed her and now that her estranged partner is on the loose she is afraid of what he may do next.
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