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Možnosť nadviazania kontaktov medzi Slovákmi žijúcimi v tom istom meste či regióne

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Parliament got people opening dem mouth and talking bout things that dem normally wouldn’t talk about. De other day was Uncle Sam who want talk bout Bharrat money and he get warn.Then Dr Jenny talk bout corruption in de Public Service. Well that shock dem boys because all de time when dem used to talk Bharrat use to tell dem to provide de evidence. It now look that dem have evidence because Dr Jenny seh that dem have corruption in de public service.She tell dem boys that since she talk others got to talk. Leslie got to talk bout corruption in de health sector. He got to talk bout dem doctors who does tek de government pay and go and work in de private hospital.He don’t got to talk bout de contract fuh provide drugs fuh de hospital and how de drugs does end up in private hospital. In fact,Cheap Jerseys From China, he don’t have to talk bout any contract. That is fuh dem contractors who building road. That is wha dem boys seh.And dem police got to talk about demolition derby. Dem boys seh that dem does bruck up more vehicles than any other department. Clement got to talk bout that.But what about de school feeding programme? Dem boys seh that nuff time de food don’t even reach de schools. Is de same wid de prisons. Clement got a real problem here. He does vote from parliament fuh buy food fuh de prisoners. De supplier does buy de food but as fast as de food go in it coming out. Dem have officers who getting prisoners to fetch it out and carrying it to dem house.Dem boys seh that is corruption and everybody got to talk. Is time for confession and of course,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, confession is good for de soul.Talk half. Lef half.
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