Dr. Hinds recalled the ethnic strife of the 1960

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Dr. Hinds recalled the ethnic strife of the 1960

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By Kiana WilburgAt the recent People’s Progressive Party’s Congress, President Donald Ramotar passionately objected to “Shared Governance” and intimated that the PPP would not compromise with the opposition at the level of governance. In response to the President’s statement, Dr. David Hinds, political commentator and activist, stated at a conference on the State of African Guyanese, that Power sharing should be embraced as a fundamental right based on the principle of equality.Aubrey NortonDr. David HindsVincent AlexanderAs defined by Dr. Hinds,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, power sharing is a formula whereby representation in the executive branch of government or cabinet is based on proportionality. “So,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, instead of a party winning 48% of the votes cast and getting 100% of cabinet seats, under power sharing, that party will get 48% of the cabinet seats. In essence, the same proportionality that exists in parliament will exist in the cabinet,” asserts Dr. Hinds.He said that power sharing otherwise known as shared governance, aims at decreasing racial insecurity within the Guyanese society,Nike NFL Jerseys China, creating a more equitable form of governance and promoting a sense and spirit of cooperation and consensus in a formal way.Supporting Dr. Hinds’ views was Vincent Alexander, former member of the PNCR and currently Registrar of the University of Guyana, who stated that the idea behind power sharing is to allow various stakeholders and more particularly, political parties to be able to participate meaningfully in the political process at the parliamentary or executive level.More specifically, power sharing, he noted, is intended to address the problems that may arise in plural societies where politics may mirror the ethnic or racial composition of the society and can lead to one ethnic or racial group dominating and as a consequence, excluding another group in decision making and probably the benefits of decisions being made.Dr. Hinds, who argued at the African Guyanese Forum that power sharing is necessary for racial democracy, said, “I see it as both a long term and a short term solution to the problem we face as a society,NFL Jerseys Cheap, which is, given the ethnic divide, how are we going to distribute the political and economic resources of Guyana. Power sharing offers the best ways to address that problem. If you have representatives of all the ethnic groups making decisions that affect the general population, then the sense of insecurity that is felt by those whose representatives are left out under the current system will be reduced.”Given the longevity of the PPP’s tenure in office and prior to that the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) 28 years in office, Dr. Hinds believes that the constituencies of those parties have a right to be suspicious of the governance by the opposite party, for the experience in both instances has been one of domination.Power sharing, he explained, in this case,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, also aims at ensuring that domination, whether it is ethnic or “one party-domination” is taken out of the equation.“I think we have reached the point in Guyana where tempers are beginning to flare, for when in an ethnically divided society, one ethnic group finds itself on the margins of power for two decades, there is bound to be suspicions, hostility and resentment, and if this is not checked, the society will be in a permanent state of instability. So it is imperative that we find ways and means to avert political and ethnic strife…”According to Dr. Hinds, who is also an Associate Professor of Political Science and African Diaspora Studies, the major objection of the PPP  to power sharing is a lack of trust between the two parties. According to him, there is lack of trust precisely because the parties are not working together. He argued that trust needs not be a prerequisite for there to be a joint government. “You build trust in the process of actual cooperation. The fact that there is no trust is the reason why power sharing is needed,” said Dr. HindsStressing the dangers of the politics of domination, Dr. Hinds recalled the ethnic strife of the 1960s,Jerseys NFL Cheap, which in his view, were fueled by the political and economic insecurities of both of the major ethnic groups. “What you need is recognition that all sections and ethnicities have a right to participate in governance and if you start off with that principle, then it should not be difficult to manage the affairs of the state in the interest of all. When a community feels dominated by another, it reacts in hostile ways and we have been down that road in the 1960s, we have seen the tragedy of that. So, it becomes very important that we do the patriotic thing and construct a system of governance based on equal justice and opportunities and equal right to participate in national decision making,” Dr. Hinds assertedTurning his attention to what he calls the “inconsistency” on the part of the PPP, Hinds noted that when the PPP was in opposition, it was one of the fiercest champions of Power sharing. “There were at least two proposals put forward by the PPP. In 1963, the PPP suggested a power sharing government with the PNC, while in 1977 they proposed the National Patriotic Front. Finally, in 1985,Cheap NFL Jerseys, they were in talks with the PNCR towards creating a power sharing government. But as soon as they got into power, their position on the topic changed” Hinds said.Despite the Government’s position, Alexander ardently stated that power sharing is “essential” as it allows for representation and creates a government for all, whether it is perceived to be so or otherwise. “It would also create an environment where we can be less ethnic in our party politics and move the country towards a place where parties are more nationalistic and the political culture is not one of exclusion but one of inclusion.”Further, stressing that power sharing is necessary, former General Secretary of the PNCR,NFL Jerseys China, Aubrey Norton, stated that power sharing has nothing to do with the PPP but with the country. He said that Guyana is an ethnically divided society and from that stand point power sharing could only be ‘effective.”Norton related, ”I’m not worried about the PPP’s position; I believe it is the Jagdeo triumphalism that was playing out in the Congress. I think PPP is much weaker now and you have a situation in parliament where they can’t do as they like. They are merely putting up a farce while the reality is that there is a need for a political solution. Therefore, I believe that there are forces within the party who do not share the Jagdeo triumphalist approach and believe that the political parties should work towards a solution of the political, economic and social problems of Guyana. You also see some hypocrisy; on one hand they claim to be following Dr. Cheddi Jagan, who believed in some form of shared governance and on the other hand they are saying no to the same philosophy that Jagan espoused. They are either hypocritical or confused. They can choose.”Regarding the future of Power Sharing, Dr. Hinds feels that it would take a mass movement to bring the country to that point.“It will take a mass movement to achieve Power Sharing and the African Guyanese community as the group outside of the formal system would have to lead the way.”
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