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Možnosť nadviazania kontaktov medzi Slovákmi žijúcimi v tom istom meste či regióne

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Constant fighting between two brothers yesterday ended in the brutal slaying of one. It occurred in the usually quiet Enmore community. Reports are that some time after 10:00 hours yesterday, 32-year-old Ganesh Nabi,Cheap Jerseys Free, called “Van Damme” was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle allegedly by his brother.The dead man’s brother, Joseph Kaladin, called ‘Joey’ is currently in police custody.Ganesh Nabi and a friendAccording to residents of the area, the two brothers were no strangers to the community as they were always at each other’s throats once they consume alcohol,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which was daily.Nabi’s stepmother, who lives next door, said that she witnessed the entire incident but her screams for help went unanswered by the neighbours.The woman,Cheap Jerseys From China, Chowcoomarie Heralall, who lives in a house next to her two stepsons,NFL Cheap Jerseys China, told this newspaper that she was in her house when she heard them arguing over a hammock.“Joey tell ‘Van dam’ come out de hammock because is he (Joey) own. Joey push he out de hammock. Van Damme doesn’t like trouble. Joey does beat he up all de time.”The woman said she then noticed ‘Joey’ cutting down the hammock and throwing it into the front trench. According to Heralall,Cheap Jerseys NFL, ‘Van Damme’ then ran over to her yard to avoid further trouble but his younger brother pursued him.“After Van Damme come up de step me close de door because, Joey does beat everybody when he get ready and I de frighten so I keep me front door close.”The woman recalled that while ‘Van Damme’ was on her front step she noticed ‘Joey’ jumping over her fence.“When Joey come up de step he rip off Van dam shirt and he seh de shirt is he own. He then tek off de boy belt and seh that is he own too and he start cuffing Van Damme in he face ,”.Heralall said that throughout all that, ‘Van damme’ kept begging, “Ow, nah beat me. me guh go way and lef yo alone”. She said she too kept pleading with Joey to leave his brother alone, but she was ignored.“De next thing I see is Joey pick up a coke bottle from de fireside lash it on a bench on de step and push it in he brother neck.”At that point the woman said she began screaming for help but she dared not venture outside, since she was fearful that her stepson would also turn his wrath on her.“I start scream after I see ‘Van Damme’ fall down and bleeding…and he brother just walk away go over at he house put on a shirt and gone out de street.”According to Heralall it was only after ‘Joey’ left her yard that she went out to assist her wounded stepson. By that time neighbours who saw what transpired called the police and ‘Joey’ was arrested at a ‘rum shop’ not far from the crime scene.The injured Van Damme’ was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the police where he was pronounced dead.The piece of bottle that was used to inflict the wound on the dead man was removed from the scene.While some residents said they were shocked over the incident others say that they knew one day it would have ended that way.“Today Van Damme star in he last movie…is every day Joey does beat up Van Damme…Them always fighting,” one neighbour lamented.According to neighbour only last week the two were involved in another fight over a cellular phone.According to neighbours on Sunday ‘Van Damme’ borrowed a cellular phone from ‘Joey’ and somehow misplaced the cellular phone. For that ‘Van Damme’ was given a severe beating and was slashed in his back with a knife.“Van Damme even pawn he TV fuh buy back de cell phone but still ‘Joey’ when he drink does beat da boy bad,Wholesale Jerseys China,”.
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