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Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale and they modeling

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By Rabindra RooplallA mother of four discovered the body of her 16-year-old daughter in a nearby canal after she was murdered by her lover yesterday at Kuru Kuru,NFL Jerseys Supply, Linden Soesdyke Highway. Hours later the man was found hanging in his mother’s yard at Suddie, Essequibo.The dead teen, who was stabbed about the body with a kitchen knife,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, was identified as Raveena Cozier of 717 Kuru Kuru,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, Linden Soesdyke Highway. The dead man has been identified as 28-year old miner Leo Rodriquez.Leo Rodriquez and Raveena Cozier in happier times.The two reportedly shared a relationship for years and Rodriquez operated a dredge in the interior. They lived together.The distraught mother,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Shevon Cozier, related that there were no signs that the couple had any problems that would motivate murder. The woman said she received a cell phone call from Rodriquez’s mother asking if there were any problems since she discovered him hanging in her yard.“Then I told her what happened and what he did…she was shocked,” Ms Cozier recounted.Cozier explained that Sunday evening her daughter left home, dressed in a red top and blue shorts, to visit a nearby shop with her boyfriend.“After it get late and I waiting for she come and she ent coming, I come out at the door and say ‘oh God is so long I got to wait on them’, and then my little son tell me he see them at the street head, and they modeling, since they hug up tight tight,” Cozier explained. “I went and bathe and was waiting to see if they would come, but it was after nine o’clock and she left home her phone, and I call his phone and get onto her and she tell me she coming home.”Adding that after making the first call, she subsequently called again to inquire as to their whereabouts,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, Ms Cozier said further calls met her with voicemail greetings and this was continuous.“I could not have slept and I walk out into the moonlight to look for them. I didn’t see dem and I come home back and my husband ask me where I went and I said I went to look fuh dem. He say I should not stress myself behind them,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, but I said it’s late and I don’t know wheh dem deh and they should have called and not have us waiting on dem.”She said after waking up 2 o’clock Monday morning with rain continuously pouring, checks were made to see if the couple returned home. The teen’s mother related that she tried making more calls to Rodriquez’s cell phone in hopes that she would receive an answer, however,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, there was none.Later that morning at around 5 o’clock, Ms Cozier, her husband and siblings decided to launch a search for the duo since it was unusual for them not to return home.“When we reach out at the street head we see a taxi and I said look they coming there, but was not them the taxi was for the neighbours. But we decided to start at the top of a nearby hill and I noticed there was a trace in the sand like something was pulled on the sand, although it rained all night I could still see,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale,” she said.Upon venturing further down the hill, Ms Cozier said an uneasy feeling came over her body when she saw her daughter’s red top floating in the canal and slippers on the foreshore.The body was collected at the Kuru Kuru Police Station.In terror, another daughter screamed saying “oh my God, mommy he kill she, look a knife deh hey with blood and she call her father to come and pull out the body.”When the father arrived on scene the body was fished out and taken to the Kuru Kuru Police Station where a hearse collected the remains.
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