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Wholesale Jerseys From China wvhyfzys

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Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP),Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Luis Golden yesterday told the court that he stood a mere 62 feet away from the Bartica Police Station,NFL Jerseys China, the night it came under attack by gunmen.Golden was the Officer in Charge of the station at the time of the incident. He recalled the night, in which twelve persons including ranks of the station, died at the hands of a group of vicious gunmen, who went on a rampage in Bartica.The policeman‘s testimony followed the evidence of ranks who survived the deadly ordeal.The officers testified in the trial of Dennis Williams, called ‘Anaconda’; Mark Royden Williams, called ‘Durant’; and Roger Anthony Simon, called ‘Goat Man,’ who are all accused of the mass murder.The men are facing a trial before Justice Roxanne George and a mixed twelve-member jury.Yesterday,Discount NFL Jerseys, ASP Golden was called to the stand by State Prosecutors, Stacy Goodings and Diana Kaulesar.He recalled that he met an Amerindian woman as he stood 62 feet away from the station at around 9:00 pm on the day in question. The woman, the witness recalled, told him something.As a result, the policeman said that he hid himself at a safe place for about 20 minutes.He said that while there he heard what sounded like gunshots before peeping out to get a glimpse of a police vehicle speeding off towards the direction of the Bartica Stelling.Under cross examination by Attorney Saphier Husain, the witness told the court that he did not recognize any of the men in the police vehicle; they were not policemen. He however told the court that by the time he arrived at the station,Cheap Jerseys From China, the bodies of badly injured ranks were on the kitchen floor and barrack area of the station.Golden also spoke of seeing the bodies of five persons at the Bartica Stelling. The bodies, he said, were later transported to the hospital mortuary.On Tuesday, Superintendent of Police, Michael Sutton took the stand.He told the court that he was the second Officer in Charge of the Bartica Police Station when it came under attack by gunmen.In giving his evidence, Sutton recounted that he was an Inspector of Police, attached to the station,Cheap NFL Jerseys, at the time of the shooting.According to the witness, after completing some work at around 19:30 hours, he left his office at the station and headed for his living quarters – situated in the same compound as the station.Officer Sutton said that while in his room, he turned on the television and began to view the broadcast of a 20 20 cricket match between Guyana and Antigua.He recalled that after awhile, he left his quarters and went to the washroom. “This was around 20:20 hours.”The witness recalled walking past Lance Corporal Zakir, Officers Fredericks, Hendricks and Paul; they were sitting on the beds and chairs in the barracks.The washroom, he said, was situated in the barracks. The witness recalled that he went back to his room and continued watching cricket.However sometime later he heard what sounded like explosions, gunshots and a hitting sound, “coming from the bottom flat” of the station.Sutton said that he armed himself with his licenced firearm and was about to leave his room, when he heard sounds coming from the barrack room. He said that he heard what sounded like gunshots.According to the policeman, there were voices which said “kill them.” He said that he turned off the lights in his quarters and stayed in his room.Sutton further informed the court that he heard the said voices, saying ‘there are more rooms out there’ before hearing what sounded like gunshots ringing out.Sutton said that he lay on the floor as the shots pierced the walls and shattered the (fragments of the wall); the fragments hit him in the face and body.He said that he later heard someone yell “let’s go,” before hearing the sound of a vehicle start.After surmising that the area was safe, Sutton said that he left his room and went into the kitchen where he discovered officers Fredericks and Zakir with apparent gunshot wounds about their bodies; they were motionless. Officer Osborne’s body, he said,Nike NFL Jerseys China, was discovered clad in police uniform; he was lying down and holding onto the back gate with what appeared to be gunshot wounds in his back.The witness also recalled that the strong box and force’s security box were breached, and cash, as well as guns and ammunition, were missing.Retired Police Sergeant Cheryl Hill recounted a similar story.However she noted that she was not at the station when the act was carried out. She had left to attend a “curry-que” at the Bartica Pavilion which is located two blocks away from the Station. While at the Pavilion, the officer said she received a call.But Hill said that she did not leave the Pavilion.Under questioning from Defense Attorney, Roger Yearwood, the witness admitted that there were certain Standard Operating Procedures that should have guided her decision, but she did not know why she did not leave the Pavilion to check on her colleagues.“I was hearing the gunshots from the pavilion … I don’t know what to tell you,NFL Jerseys China Cheap,” the witness said in response to the questions raised by the lawyer.The police officer said she later visited the station later that morning. There, she recalled seeing the bodies of her colleagues lying motionless in what appeared to be bloody water.“There were apparent bullet holes in the eastern wall of the Bartica Police Station, “she recalled.She told the court that she had checked off some money, firearms and ammunition and secured them in the Station’s strong box, before leaving for the Pavilion.But when she returned that morning, Officer Hill said that the boxes were broken into and the items had been removed.Officer Hill’s testimony was followed by Police Sergeant Gavin Marshall. Marshall told the court that he was the Subordinate Officer in charge of the Station.He recalled that he was out of the district when the shooting occurred. The officer said he took an aircraft from Ogle to Baganara Island and then a boat across the river to Bartica after hearing the tragic news.After arriving in Bartica he said that he saw the bodies of the murdered policemen and some civilians.The officer also spoke of firearms and ammunition along with about $60,000 and other monies which were secured in the boxes. Some of the items, he said, went missing during the attack.
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