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Vic Beasley Jr Falcons Jersey nojjmqhj

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–    Getaway driver doesn’t recognize signature As the trial in the 2011 Bel Air heist continued yesterday,a story of family betrayal unraveled,when Sanjay Ramsood was called upon by the prosecution to testify against his mother Chandra Rampersaud.Rampersaud and five other persons are implicated in the robbery of her son-in-law,prominent businessman Malcolm Panday.In his testimony,Ramsood told the court that his mother “sounded cold and unresponsive when he told her via telephone that his sister had been robbed. She didn’t even find out about the children.” Ramsood said that he was “saddened by his mother’s response.”Further in his testimony, the man said that he was involved in chasing and capturing one of the accused, Jermaine Mitchell.He said that on the day of the robbery,his wife called him and related what had occurred. The witness,who is employed as a taxi driver,said that he sped over to his sister’s residence where he saw police ranks “in black clothes” assembled on the streets.As he approached his sister’s home,Ramsood said that he saw “a heavily-tinted 212 motorcar drive out of Bel Air Gardens at high speed” he drove approximately 50 feet behind and followed the vehicle as police ranks on motorcycles rode behind.The car eventually turned into the driveway of Ocean Spray Hotel on Vlissingen Road where three persons emerged from the said vehicle.The witness described the men he claimed he had seen on the day of the incident and identified two of the accused.Ramsood went on to say that shots were fired after the men came out of the car, but he was able to escape unharmed. Ramsood identified the shooter as Jermaine Mitchell whose firearm later fell out of his hand.  Mitchell attempted to escape on foot but Ramsood claimed that he drove behind him.The suspect realized that he had been cornered and tried to escape via a nearby trench,Ramsood said. Mitchell tried to shelter at an empty lot but was caught by Ramsood and public-spirited citizens who held him until police arrived.The matter is being heard by the Chief Magistrate (ag) Priya Sewnarine–Beharry and being prosecuted by Attorney –At- Law Glenn Hanoman in association with Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.Detective Cedric Gravesande also testified at yesterday’s hearing. He said he was involved in procuring the statements of three accused Aubrey Simon, Jermaine Mitchell and Rayon Jones. The police witness said that all the statements were given freely and voluntarily. He read Simon’s statement in open court which revealed that Simon confessed to being the driver of the getaway car involved in the heist as well as apologised for his role in the alleged crime.However Simon claimed that the signature affixed to the caution statements did not belong to him.  He told the court that the five signatures on the statements were written out while he usually signs using only his initials.The issue was raised by defence counsel Michael Somersall. Simon later recalled signing the case docket which bore similar marking to that on the caution statements.The prosecution will call other witnesses as the matter continues today.
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