Paul Hornung Packers Jersey srhpfhfw

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Paul Hornung Packers Jersey srhpfhfw

Poslaťod god5mane98 » 21 Apr 2017 13:59

De man who look like de devil pick up de phone and call Donald early yesterday morning.  He start fuh tell Donald that is bad fuh beg fuh certain people. “You beg fuh de Waterfalls boss man and now he get ketch wid a whole heap of foreign currency.“And if he did get ketch in Guyana nuff of we woulda got a tidy small piece to do some other things like buy assets.”Dem boys seh that if he had a wife he woulda holler and call Mrs Devil before he call Donald but this man live alone. Is not easy to live wid de devil,day in,day out.Anyhow,Donald tell he that is de wrang Lall,that is de one who does fetch out one,one thing before de anti-money laundering Bill pass and spoil de coo coo party. De devil seh that he know that man but de thing wha mek dem boys blink is de speed wha he disown travelling pun de man jet. Donald travel pun it and go to Brazil three times and to Puerto Rico. De devil claim that he never travel in that jet.Dem boys remember that de last time de Devil travel pun a jet was to get a sturdy plug but de man seh that is another jet he travel wid. De same man vex is not de Waterfalls boss man because he claim that when de night come he can’t sleep in peace; that all he seeing is de Waterfalls boss man. De next thing he know is that he deh waiting fuh de paper. That is why he does fly out of de country so much but even then he does got to read de paper online.De Waterfalls boss man don’t sleep too good,too.  He and Uncle Adam go to court so much that people telling dem to enter in de Courts competition; that dem must win.Courts does give away nuff prizes if you visit them nuff times but,the Water Falls Boss man ain’t gettin’ nutten from visiting all dem courts. He probably is de only one not getting a chance to win anything by attending dem courts.Talk half and wait fuh see who next goon get targeted.
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