one of whom was armed with a handgun

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one of whom was armed with a handgun

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Early on New Year’s morning, the Rampersaud family of Lot “F” Grove Launch Stelling, East Bank Demerara experienced a traumatising ordeal as bandits broke into their two-storey home and grocery store.Police said that at about 04:30 hours on that day Robert Rampersaud, 45, and his family were attacked and robbed by three men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, during which he was shot and injured to his right leg.The wounded Robert Rampersaud.They said that the men broke and entered the home through a window and held up Rampersaud, his wife Hardai Jagdeo and his mother-in-law Sharda Jagpat.They took away a quantity of silver jewellery and two cell phones from their victims during which Rampersaud attacked them with a cutlass and was shot.He has since been admitted a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Rampersaud told Kaieteur News that sometime between 03:30am to 04:00am he awoke to use the washroom and returned to his bed but was unable to sleep.He stated that after a few minutes, he saw his bedroom door being pushed open and thought that it was his son.Upon loudly questioning what the matter was that caused his son to come into the bedroom at that hour, he saw three men entering his room one after the other with pieces of cloth wrapped around their heads to conceal their faces.One of the men signaled Rampersaud to be quiet by putting his finger over his lips and whispering, “Shhh, don’t say anything”.The man had a gun in his hand, which he waved and then said, “Give me everything you have.”Rampersaud’s wife was lying on the bed also and another bandit with a large knife in his hand roughly pulled her off and began hitting her with the blade, demanding money and other valuable items.The terrified woman pleaded with the bandits and told them that she would give them what they wanted.After securing their loot the three bandits began to exit the bedroom, with Rampersaud still frozen on his bed.But contrary to what was reported by the police, Rampersaud said that he is not aware of how exactly he was shot.He said that as the bandit with the gun was exiting the bedroom, the weapon went off and a bullet struck him around his right knee.Rampersaud said that he did not immediately know that he was shot, but the bandits “ran away” after they realised that the gun went off and the attention of neighbours would be attracted.Seconds later, Rampersaud said he felt a “stinging sensation” around his right knee and when he passed his hand along his foot, he became aware that there was “plenty of blood.He cannot remember exactly what occurred after that but he was taken to the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital (Diamond Hospital) to receive medical attention and then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).His wife told this newspaper that from what she could gather, the bandits “took out the louvers and jacked up the grill downstairs”.Rampersaud’s mother-in-law was downstairs and the bandits apparently “strapped her up” and taped her mouth so that she would not interrupt their activity, before they ventured upstairs.Kaieteur News understands that no money was taken, however, the bandits escaped with a small amount of silver jewellery which was kept downstairs, one cellular phone and a bottle of Absolut vodka.According to the Rampersaud family, their neighbours called the police who arrived within five minutes of the report.However, the bandits had already made their escape by way of the sea-dam at the back of the house.
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