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Merril Hoge Steelers Jersey wo5lrtoi

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…head teachers also face sanctions There will be no compromising with teachers who are guilty of sexually molesting students, or even those against whom such allegations are made.This declaration was made yesterday by Education Minister Shaik Baksh when he commented on measures that are being put in place to deal with several recently uncovered sexual molestation incidents in schools.According to the minister,teachers found to be involved in such activities cannot be deemed fit to be teachers, and should therefore be removed from the system. He added that the ministry will be tasked with finding alternatives to replace those teachers, even in cases where the teachers are highly qualified.The minister said that while the law is taking its course in addressing the incidents, the ministry has been conducting its own investigations which,he noted, could result in the ministry recommending to the Teaching Service Commission the sternest of sanctions.He said that the worse that the ministry can do at the moment is to dismiss the teachers, even if they opt to resign, ensuring that they cannot access the public system again.Head teachers of schools where molestation acts have been committed will also be thoroughly investigated, the minister said. He added that they,too, could qualify for the harshest of actions, since they may have chosen to be “oblivious of the things that are going on in the system.”Currently,the Ministry of Education is investigating at least two head teachers in whose schools incidents have occurred recently.The minister also remarked that since the ministry has no control over private learning institutions,sanctioned teachers cannot be prohibited from venturing into that arena.He said that he is, nonetheless, optimistic that with the passage of a new legislation later this year, the ministry will be able to grasp the reins to even monitor the operations of privately-operated schools.In the meantime, the ministry will be unwavering in its screening of teachers even before they enter the system,the minister disclosed.He acknowledged that it is quite a challenge, given the large number of teachers who are eligible to join the sector.But in order to ensure that students are not permanently scarred by the incidents of sexual molestations at their schools, the minister said,measures are being put in place to dispatch a corps of about six Guidance and Counselling Officers to various schools, where they will be stationed for short periods.This move,he said,will be complemented by the current ongoing psychosocial programme which has commenced at schools on the East Bank of Demerara and at Bartica.
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