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Jerseys From China njpek1od

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A  35-year-old  hauler driver and businessman of Old Kara Kara,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, Linden, has said that he was locked up by another businessman from East Coast Demerara who falsely accused him of stealing his truck.The man said that the entire fiasco resulted from the fact that he refused to drive the truck to Georgetown, because the vehicle had no fitness.According to Morris Johnson, he was locked up by police in Linden, after the businessman, with whom he works,China Jerseys Cheap, falsely accused him of stealing the truck.Johnson said that he has been working with the businessman for approximately two years, transporting lumber from various locations,Jerseys From China Online, around the country.After the truck developed problems, Johnson said that his employer told him to take it for repairs. However there was some delay with the repairs due to the unavailability of the requisite parts.As a consequence Johnson said that the man demanded that he ‘bring the truck down.’ (to Georgetown)“I seh bossman, I don’t have a problem bringing the truck down, but you know it deh pon repairs, and it got to get fitness and so, and we got to pay the welder.”Johnson said that he had misplaced a copy of the registration and had requested a copy from the man. None was forthcoming, so Johnson did not take the truck as requested, as he said he needed a one day pass to take the truck to ‘town.’Johnson said that after he got no pass, he subsequently handed the keys for the truck to the owner, but the man was dissatisfied and told him he should drive the truck down just like that, as nobody “can’t do him anything,Cheap NFL Jerseys, as the boss in Linden is ‘he countryman”. After Johnson refused, the man told him he could pay any amount of money for him to get locked up.“About three days before Christmas I was arrested and locked up by the police who told me that the man was claiming that I thief he truck.”Johnson said he was locked up for the entire day, and was only released on Christmas Eve Day.He however had to post $100,000 bail for his release. “Now I can’t see a private matter attracting a bail of $100,000,” Johnson related.Johnson said that he was later advised by the police that in order for him to get back the $100,000 he had to sign a document stating that he would take the truck to Georgetown. The man said he agreed after his employer promised to buy $20,000 in fuel and pay the mechanic $30,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000. He later got back his bail money.However instead of giving the monies for these transactions directly to Johnson, the employer gave the money to a police rank.After several futile calls to the police, Johnson said he was subsequently told by the police that he would be returning the money for the welder and the fuel to his employer.Johnson said that his employer is now threatening to take legal action against him,Wholesale China Jerseys, if he does not take the truck to him.“Now how I gon take this truck to town,Wholesale China Jerseys, when I ain’t got the money to either buy the fuel or pay the welder? How I gon move this truck without fuel?”
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