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– wife, brother-in-law in custody  By: Romila BoodramDeokaran Sanasie, the Auto Spares Dealer who was shot three times about the body by two gunmen on a motorcycle last Friday, believes that a close female associate and her brother planned the hit.Deokaran Sanasie and his wife PatriciaAccording to the owner of Ram’s Auto Spares, he was informed that GY$6M was paid to kill him.On his hospital’s bed yesterday, the injured businessman told this newspaper that apart from the “concrete evidence” the police have, it wasn’t difficult for him to “pin-point” his female associate as the person who would want to see him dead.“Guyanese did the work, so I know what happened. There are a lot of killers in this country and they called one another and tell them who were a part of the shooting and how much was paid,” the 58-year-old businessman noted.Recalling what happened on that fateful night, Sanasie said that he went to Light and Fourth Streets, Alberttown to collect money from a man and eventually stayed there and took a “drink” with “some of the guys.”He added that the female associate in question, who was at the Princess Hotel Casino,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, called and enquired about his whereabouts.“About ten minutes after she called I was shot. I was going to take the last drink with the guys and wish them happy Valentine’s Day when I hear like three gunshots, and I fall down,” the father of three recalled.Sanasie of Lot 129 Atlantic Gardens,East Coast Demerara (ECD) was shot twice to the thigh and once to the abdomen. The bullets have been removed and he is now in a stable condition.In custody: Vishnu PersaudThe businessman said yesterday that he was informed that the woman who he has been associated with for the past 27 years planned the hit with her brother one month ago.“Her brother, who lives in the United States of America, was here (Guyana) for Christmas and then he went over back. When he went back, he sold all of his assets to come live here. I was wondering who would leave good America to come live back here but I didn’t know that he sold his assets to pay for the hit,” the businessman said.The brother of Sanasie’s female partner returned to Guyana early Saturday last.“He probably came to attend my funeral,” the businessman suggested.Sanasie said that he recently sold a property for US$100,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,000 and was waiting to collect the money.He believes that the female associate, who knew about the transaction wanted to “bump him off” in order to get her hands on the cash.The 58-year-old man believes that his female associate and her brother were planning to take over his business after his death.The businessman said that for the past several years, he and the woman were experiencing problems with their relationship.He added, “We were not living nice. Things from the house started to vanish and she always lying to me. My jewelry disappeared and a diamond bracelet that I paid US$7000 for, vanished. I made a report and the police said that my (partner) can do anything because we are in a relationship.”According to the businessman, he was in America December last and when he returned to Guyana,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, the woman sold a number of items from his yard.“She sold compressors, tractor tyre and a number of other items. Last Wednesday, we were talking and she told me that we are not happy with each other and she thinks we should separate and I told her to do whatever she wants but I didn’t know she was planning to kill me.”The businessman who was discharged from the hospital late yesterday said that his next move is to find somewhere safe to stay since his killers are out there and he fears they might return to finish the job they were paid to do.Kaieteur news understands that Sanasie’s wife, Patricia and another relative,Vishnu Persaud were taken into police custody early yesterday to assist with investigation.Apart from the duo in custody,cheap nfl jerseys, police are also questioning the alleged accomplice of the gunman.The accomplice was held hours after Friday night’s shooting.
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