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– warned of compulsory arbitration if talks fail A key meeting, widely seen as the beginning of the resolution of the year-long standoff between Russian-owned, RUSAL Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI), and its workers’ union was finally held yesterday.Today, the Ministry of Labour is expected to meet separately with BCGI and the Guyana Bauxite and General Workers’ Union (GB&GWU), before bringing the parties together again.BCGI has been refusing to meet with the union, claiming that it severed industrial relations since December 2009 with the bargaining body.A meeting set for last week saw the non-attendance by BCGI, prompting criticism from the union and the Ministry.Minister Manzoor Nadir then wrote the company’s General Manager, Ruslan Volokhov, on December 30, expressing that the Ministry viewed the no-show as “gross disregard and disrespect for the country,the government and the laws of Guyana”.GB&GWU had also lashed out at the entity’s absence from the meeting,Danny DeKeyser Red Wings Jersey, even accusing government of collusion with the company and of playing a “cat-and-mouse game” with workers.RUSAL, in arguing its case for not turning up at the meeting, had said that the company stood by its decision of derecognising the union,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, and as such did not consider the ministry’s invitation to a meeting as being “valid”.The Ministry had then rescheduled the meeting, warning BCGI to attend, and even threatening to take the matter to arbitration.Yesterday,wholesale jerseys china, following a meeting at the Ministry of Labour’s office in Brickdam, it was disclosed that officials of BCGI and the union were present,Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey, as well as Chief Labour Officer (ag.), Clive Nurse.According to the GB&GWU in a release, Minister Nadir pointed out that the union remained the certified bargaining agent for a large section of company’s workforce.“The GB&GWU listened to the presentations made by the minister and company and reiterated its position that the matter before the ministry and company is that of respecting the rights of the bauxite workers consistent with the rule of law which we see as the fundamental tenets in guiding the relationship.”The union said yesterday that it expects BCGI to recognize the labour laws.“The Union reminded the ministry and company of the outstanding matters, which include, the December 2009 dismissal of 57 workers who were engaged in strike action for increased wages and improved working conditions; the May 2009 suspension of workers who protested unsafe working conditions; and the November 2010 dismissal of workers who protested BCGI’s insanitary cockroach and rat infested kitchen, and the expired foods used to prepare their meals.”According to the union,the Minister noted that he could either have separate bilateral meetings with the union and the company or use his powers to impose compulsory arbitration, which will see him listing every issue raised by the Union.“The parties agreed to bilateral engagement as opposed to impose arbitration. Bilateral engagement in industrial relations is an element of the conciliatory process which will see the minister engaging the parties individually as a method of bringing the parties together toward resolving the issues.”Today, the Ministry will be meeting with the company at 09:00hrs while the union will have its chance at 10:30hrs.“GB&GWU remains steadfast in ensuring a resolution to all outstanding matters and will not rest until justice is served for every worker and the ministry and company adhere to the laws that inform the parties’ engagement.”
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