heading north into Croal Street

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heading north into Croal Street

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It was no Emancipation Day rest for officers on duty at the Brickdam Police Station yesterday. They were not only confronted by irate relatives of some young men they had taken into custody the night before, but they were also forced to chase after an escapee.They succeeded in recapturing the escapee, but only after a lively chase through the city streets and retrieving him from the South Road canal.The day began at the police station with the more than 71 inmates creating a ruckus and chanting “We want freedom” and other phrases that seemed to suggest that they had no business being confined.According to reports reaching this newspaper, on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday night, police swooped down on the East Bank villages of Agricola, McDoom and Bagotstown, where they randomly took into custody more than 70 young men.The men up, until yesterday morning, were still in confinement; and, according to their relatives, who assembled outside the Brickdam Police Station, they have not been given a proper reason why the men were arrested in the first place.One resident of Agricola recounted that she had, not too long before, provided her six nephews with some tea on Thursday night, when the police swooped down on her home.She said that the boys, who were between 16 and 17 years of age, were at the time playing Nintendo games and talking on the telephone.According to the evidently distraught woman, without asking any questions, the police entered her home and took all six of the boys and placed them in a waiting police vehicle.She said that she also witnessed another lad who had just disembarked from a minibus being forced into the police vehicle as well.“They didn’t do anything. They coulda see that dem boys were there doing normal things, and these police ain’t tell me nothing…They just put them in the vehicle like criminals.”Another resident said that her 19-year-old brother, who had earlier visited a friend, was returning home when he, too, was confronted by the police officers.The woman said that the police had informed none of her relatives that they had taken her brother, but she became suspicious when she saw her brother in the back of a police vehicle heading out of the village.One man wasted no time in expressing his anger at the situation, even as he reflected on the manner in which his 35-year-old brother was snatched by the police.The man said that his brother, who had only recently returned from sea, was walking out of their yard when he was held.Among the fuming East Bank residents gathered outside the police station was a distressed mother, who related that she had sent her son to the C and F Supermarket to purchase some items when he, too, was seized by the police.The woman said that she only learnt that police had taken her son several hours later, even after she became concerned about his whereabouts.It was another resident, she said, who informed her that her 18-year-old son was taken by the police.The woman, like the relatives of all the other arrested men, rushed down to the station, only to be informed that a campaign was ongoing.“What kind of campaign they could have and just pick up people children like that? This is not fair, this could never be fair…” the woman lamented.With much indignation and angst, another mother related to this newspaper that her 23-year-old son had, only minutes earlier, left to go to the barber shop to have his hair cut when he was picked up.The woman said that she has not been able to rest in peace, fearing the worst for the wellbeing of her son.The attempts by the relatives, yesterday morning, to get word from officers about the position of the men were met with the wrath of some officers, who ordered that they (relatives) stand on the lawns of the police station. They were later asked to remove from the lawns as well.However, some relatives were informed that the men would have to be processed, whereby their photographs and fingerprints will be taken for record.And as if the situation at the station was not tense enough, at around 10:00 hours, a half naked man came sprinting out of the gates of the police station with an armed police officer in hot pursuit.The man, who was later identified as 20-year-old Leonard Nelson, who has been in police custody since Thursday night, made a mad dash down Smyth Street, heading north into Croal Street, before he plunged into the canal parallel to the latter street.And try as they might to urge the trembling man to come out of the canal, the several police officers who cordoned off the area could not. By this time, scores of onlookers converge at the scene to catch a glimpse at what was going on.It eventually took the efforts of two public-spirited citizens who entered the canal and physically brought the man out to the police officers. By this time he was stark naked.According to the young man’s mother, Abiola Nelson, he is of unsound mind and would normally destroy her belongings.The woman said that she had taken him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for treatment, but he was not admitted there.As a result, she said, on Thursday night she was forced to have him arrested by the police. (Sharmain Cornette)
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