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–    Friend shot multiple times By Javone Vickerie and Romila BoodramScores of partygoers were early yesterday sent scampering for cover after gunmen opened fire on a 21-year-old former army officer just as he was about to leave a city night club.Dead: Denzil MingoDead is 21-year-old Denzil Mingo of Lot 39 Third Street,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, Alberttown.Mingo had just stepped into his car with two of his friends, Joseph Barker and Earlson Murray, after walking out of the Edge Night Club on Main Street, Georgetown.Barker was shot multiple times about his body and has been hospitalized at a private hospital, while Murray managed to escape with a bullet graze to his neck.Police in a press release said that around 04:30hrs,Wholesale Jerseys, two men armed with firearms opened fire on Mingo and his friends while they were in a motor vehicle on Main Street.The release further added that Mingo was hit several times about the body and was pronounced dead on arrival at the GPHC.Yesterday, when Kaieteur News visited the scene, an eyewitness said that a little after 04:00hrs,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Mingo and his friends had just stepped into his white Toyota Allion PPP 6164 when one of the gunmen proceeded towards the car and an argument ensued between the gunman and Mingo.Eyewitnesses at the scene said that although they could not hear what the argument was about, it seems as if Mingo and the man he was arguing with might have had some connection.“The two of dem been cussing out one another long, long so I say must be some nonsense that happen in the club and they thrashing it on de road because most time dem people does do dat.“Then all of sudden I see three men walk up to he (Mingo) with big guns,” the eyewitness said.The source added that after Mingo saw the men approaching the car with the weapons he attempted to escape but was trapped by a car which was parked in front of his vehicle.The bullet riddled car (back view)“The men dem start shoot up the car and the man (Mingo) go fuh drive away but he crash into a car in front of he.“Then all yuh see is the men dem position themselves, one in front the car, one go at the side and another one go at the back and start fire off about 30 shots to the vehicle,Cheap Soccer Jerseys,” the eyewitness recalled.The eyewitness added that before the gunmen riddled Mingo’s car with bullets, one of his friends managed to escape.Kaieteur News was told that dozens of partygoers, some of whom took cover in the nearby hotel, ran to safety as the gunmen repeatedly riddled the car with bullets while the two men were inside.After the five-minute ordeal, loud screams filled the air as the bullet-riddled body of Mingo was left slouching in the driver’s seat while the other occupant was rushed to the Woodlands Hospital and has since remained in an unconscious state.As family members of Mingo learnt about his sudden death they flocked the Georgetown Public Hospital’s compound and could have been heard screaming from a distance.“Oh God when we go in fuh see he, all I see is a set ah holes all in he face,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he chest, he shoulder, all over. Why they do that to he? It didn’t call for all of that,” a family member lamented.Mingo’s mother was heard asking her husband, Patrick Mingo, why he gave his son a car when he was aware that the young man should not have been on the road.The older Mingo told this newspaper that his son left home around 19:00hrs on Friday to go hang out with his friends.“He does normally go at Sixth Street,Jerseys NFL China, Alberttown, to lime with his friends,” the father said. The man added that his son has a lot of haters.Mingo’s mother holds on to his father after she receives the news of her son’s death.Denzil Mingo,Discount NFL Jerseys, who was a Second Lieutenant in the Guyana Defence Force,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, was interdicted from duty after he found himself before the court on several occasions facing assault charges.In September 2011,Custom Raptors Jersey, Mingo was charged after he punched radio announcer and deejay, Nerissa Pearson.He was also charged for assaulting three police officers and for gunbutting a man in Alberttown.Mingo’s car which was damaged by the gunfire has been detained by police.
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