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Cheap NFL Jerseys China vafxrjjr

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– One heldEAST CANEFIELD, CANJE – A three-man armed gang wreaked havoc in East Canefield early yesterday morning leaving the occupants of two homes traumatized and minus their cash and gold jewelry.At least one suspect has been detained by police in the Berbice Division and is said to be assisting with investigation.The first incident occurred just about midnight. Three men, all said to be masked and armed, broke into the home of 40-year old Nanwate Ganyah at 897 East Canefield, East Canje.Nanwate GanyahMrs. Ganyah was said to be in the front bedroom when she was aroused by a barking dog. “Me walk go a window and me peep. Me see them three boy on the road.”The woman said the intruders were carrying a cutlass and a gun and were clad in dark clothing.At the time her husband, Thakurdyal Ganyah, a tractor operator at the Guyana Sugar Corporation East Berbice Rose Hall Estate was not at home.Their two daughters 19-year-old Devanie Ganyah, and Varsha Ganyah, 14,Cheap Jerseys From China, were in the middle bedroom.She raised an alarm and ran into her daughters’ bedroom. Shortly after, she heard what sounding like the smashing of glass.She said that the men began pushing the door to the room in which the three women were hiding and eventually forced their way in.The bandits ransacked the room in search of cash and jewelry. “The first thing they do is disconnect the phone and put on the light. They nah ask me fuh nutten. They search and find everything themselves.“They say,Authentic Kyle Korver Hawks Jersey, ‘Awe know yuh does wear yuh ring. Awe nah want ring, awe want money.”The members of the household later realized that the intruders had broken about nine louvre panes from a window by the front door.It was through this that they gained entry. The family told police that the bandits made off with jewelry,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which was stored in a bag under a bed, and an undisclosed sum of money.Thakurdyal Ganyah said that his wife was too traumatized to speak to the media. He said,NFL Jerseys China, “I can’t say if is people that know we because they say they come from far. Me wife and children them didn’t recognize or see them because they all masked.”According to him, neighbours called police. “Me average the police them come near 2 o’clock. When me come home after two, the police done deh here. Is me small daughter call and tell me what happen.“We work very hard for we things and we lost everything.”The thieves left through the front door and while on the street they discharged a round. No one was injured. Police subsequently recovered a 12 gauge spent shell from the scene.Not long after, another family who lived a short distance away, suffered a similar fate. At about 02:30 hours at 122 Girls’ Club Fourth Cross Street, East Canefield, a 64-year- old pensioner Jagnarine Mangru was attacked by three men fitting the same description and using the same modus operandi as those who robbed the Ganyahs.Jagnarine Mangru and his wife,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 60-year old Welina Mangru,Custom Raptors Jersey, occupy the lower flat of the wooden house. Their son, Sakesh Jagnarine, a 39-year-old cane cutter, his wife, 28-year-old Sunita Hemraj, and their three children – eight-year old Davindra Jagnarine, five-year old Dhanraj Jagnarine and 18-month-old Nandanie Jagnarine reside in the upper flat.Thakurdyal GanyahAt the time of the robbery, Jagnarine Mangru was sitting on a chair on the lower flat watching television. He said that he heard a banging on the kitchen door and he called out to his son. He then braced the door, which carries four tower bolts.“The men them come lick this door fuh break it down. Me try brace the door. One piece of the door skin open and the man them pass in the gun barrel and break down the door. All three ah them run in the place.”Jagnarine Mangru attempted to make his way to safety before the three men entered the home. The one who was armed with the gun dealt him a blow and demanded cash and jewelry.“They lash me in me head with the gun. They shoot a load and it lick the fridge and gas stove.”The one with the cutlass remained with Jagnarine Mangru while his accomplices proceeded to the upper flat via an internal stairway. There they attacked Sakesh Jagnarine and his wife who handed over their belongings.Sakesh Jagnarine was robbed of $35,Wholesale Jerseys Group,000, two gold chains, three gold rings and two gold bangles. Sakesh’s wife was said to be robbed of a quantity of gold jewelry.Sakesh Jagnarine recalled that he was asleep when aroused by a loud noise. “Me hear the gunshot. Me and me wife run inside the next room with the children. Two men come upstairs to we – one with gun and the next one with cutlass. Them tell we let we give them all we gold and money.”Sakesh Jagnarine said that they begged for their lives. “After we tell them nah do we anything, they say let we lie down flat on we face. They mek me wife get up and tek out all the gold and money.“We had plenty gold. Me wife did keeping gold fuh she sister. In all, is hundreds of thousands of dollar lost in gold.”The bandits exited the same way they got in the home. According to Sakesh Jagnarine, a neighbour behind their home summoned the police after hearing the commotion. “The police come quick; them ain’t tek long. Them already been in the area because them had a next robbery.”Just after 14:30 hours on Friday, Mangru went to the New Amsterdam Hospital to seek treatment for the wound.
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