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On Friday, the Government through the Ministry of Education launched a national consultation process on cultural policy development, spearheaded by Cultural Policy Advisor,NBA Jerseys China, Ruel Johnson.Due to Guyana’s cultural changes which often see the departure of creative persons from the country due to the lack of relevant policy, the initiative was seen as a welcome step by many.Working alongside Johnson in an effort to successfully execute the project are,Cheap MLB Jerseys, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, Sonia Noel,Buy Cheap Jerseys, Luisa Daggers and Kojo McPherson. Johnson related that the selection of the panel was made based on the experience and expertise of the persons in their various fields.A number of issues were addressed by those on the panel regarding the necessity of the project.Among the issues raised were lack of funding, lack of public space for rehearsal and training and the “disrespectful” way in which the arts are viewed by many.Daggers stated that the absence of an update policy has “failed Guyanese” while McPherson pointed out that while Guyanese can often excel and gain recognition abroad, at home,Cheap Jerseys Tag, they struggle.“I think of it as a house or dorm or mansion,” said McPherson, “everyone has to build to make it work for the benefit of everyone.”In the current administration’s manifesto which was launched prior to the May 2015 elections, with regards to cultural policy, it had stated that the coalition is, “committed to a cultural policy which takes into account our rich and varied heritage,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and which works to employ culture, not as a means of division; but as a catalyst for mutual understanding and social cohesion.”Consultations had begun previous to the launch in an effort to gather information from those involved in culture and development to see how the cultural heritage framework can be reformed. Also, the meetings were said to help set the agenda on cultural policy in the creative industries. As such, several stakeholders who have broad policy experience and practical experience in the different art forms were being consulted with to address the various issues regarding cultural policy.Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, in the year 1999 commented on copyright, citing it as a critical development for the country. To date however, nothing has been done with regards to the implementation of copyright laws.Minister of Education, Dr. Rupert Roopnarine recently committed to tabling a copyright legislation within the year.According to Johnson, Guyana was said to have been lax in the past with regards to putting together a National Cultural Policy. While there had been one in 1977 funded by UNESCO and coordinated by A.J Seymour and another one seven years ago by the Jagdeo administration, there have been no considerable improvements.Johnson stated that culture plays a critical role in the development of a country. However, when crafting these developments, one has to take into account, customs, traditions, religious, ethnic, cohesional conflict and the level to which social cohesion exists within the society.Three things are scheduled to be looked at, these are, culture and education, culture and environment and culture and citizenship.Johnson also stated the need for a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site in Guyana as this nation has a rich history in which such a thing could thrive.“We will build from the ground up, a creative industry framework for development,” said Johnson.
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