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Cheap Jerseys From China tourism

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By Leonard GildarieLast Friday,China Jerseys Cheap, across the country, Guyana witnessed the swearing-in of mayors and councilors of its townsLeonard Gildarieacross the country. Also sworn in were chairpersons and council members of the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.It has been over two decades since local government elections were last held.It was delayed because of reforms and foot dragging. In those 20 years, many of the local government organs were reduced to a few persons being in power for years. They became laws unto themselves with little accountability. Facilities and neighbourhoods were badly run with infrastructure falling apart.To say that I am elated by the elections would be an understatement. The importance of the NDCs and Town Councils remains a critical arm of the Government machinery. Its proper functioning must be encouraged.Like I said before, I don’t care two hoots which party gets in or wins the local government elections in the constituencies. I do believe that communities have evolved to a point where citizens have matured enough to demand the highest of services from the new blood that has been introduced.In Lethem, Region Nine, a teenager is the new Deputy Mayor. We are indeed breaking new ground.There are sweeping changes in the political area around this global village of ours. Leaders have fallen and governments are being toppled. People are no longer tolerant of doing things the old ways or dealing with authoritarian rule.With almost every village with internet connections and smartphones, news has been travelling instantaneously to the coastlands. It is with this vein of connectivity that I believe a number of priority projects should be fast-tracked if we are serious about taking this country to another level.We badly need cheaper power. Too often, I am hearing that the single biggest developmental hurdle is the cost of energy. More than likely because of how scattered our communities are, we will have to embrace a mixture of renewable energy projects including hydro, solar and wind.The private sector has been complaining incessantly about the cost of power.We will have to ensure that GPL is ready to receive the power that will be generated. The entity will have to up its game when it comes to customer service.I know we are talking to the Brazilians about a major hydro-power project in the Mazaruni that could see almost 1,000 megawatts being generated.Whether we have one hydro power facility or 10, the bottom line is that we have to seriously move on this. It is hindering us.Another major project that I believe will open this country in a big way is the Linden-Lethem roadway. Currently, it takes several hours and pontoon crossings to reach Lethem, Region Nine, from the city. Lethem borders Guyana with Brazil, a country that has potential of trade and other linkages with Guyana. Brazil wants to use Guyana as a transshipment point for commerce because of its geographical position.The lands around a paved Linden-Lethem road, over 270 miles of it,Cheap Sports Jerseys, will be opened up. The possibilities are endless. The road branches off to several hinterland communities.Personally,Deion Sanders Falcons Jersey, I am worried about the possibilities of an uncontrolled abuse of hinterland areas along the roadway when it is opened up. We have state forests and mining lands. With porous borders,NFL Jerseys Cheap, it will become a headache to protect what is ours.Another major project for me will be a bridge across the Corentyne River, linking Guyana and Suriname. We have thousands of Guyanese living in Suriname and there is a brisk trade between the country,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, in rice and sugar. A significant amount of foodstuff comes across the river. Imagine the possibilities with a bridge – tourism, trade, and closer ties.We have been talking about the bridge for a number of years with Suriname indicating that it is seeking financing. Guyana has started clearing the way to the proposed area where the bridge would be located. I am hoping to hear an update soon.The last thing on my wish list is not so much of a project but rather of action that has to be taken by Government. It is the passage of a telecoms liberalization bill. It has been languishing for a number of years now. Both GTT and Digicel want the bill to be passed.It will allow new players to enter the market and the introduction of new services, including internet cable TV, faster internet, and more options.I love the freedom of New York where,while driving, you can watch a YouTube video on your smartphone…all using the networks.The possibilities and the businesses that a liberalized market can generate are endless.We have to start thinking outside of the box and working around the clock to realize these projects. The clock is ticking.
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