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Brian Poole Falcons Jersey sfnuvi5k

Poslaťod god5mane98 » 21 Apr 2017 06:19

De government like keep things secret suh till it does often forget that it ain’t got no need to keep things secret. We go to Nicaragua and beg de people fuh hold off any sanction fuh not having de anti-money laundering Bill.De people tell Ah Kneel that he got till November fuh play de fool ,when November come Guyana better got de Bill in place and it should be law.Ah Kneel come home and he tell Donald who tell Sam. Well from then de confusion start. David and Prakash and Moses decide that dem gun meet and vote pun de Bill. Dem fix a date. But Sam get powerful and he tell everybody that he can’t meet till July.De government forget that Ah Kneel is a man who does only remember things when dem come in a bottle. De thing in Nicaragua come word of mouth. De people tell Ah Kneel that he should tell Donald that dem must have de law in place by de end of August suh that de people can see if Guyana serious about money laundering. Ah Kneel didn’t tell Donald bout de August deadline.Well is a new panic because de opposition now claiming that dem didn’t know bout no August deadline. De funny thing is that Parliament going into recess early August,suh whatever got to happen must happen before de first part of August. Is more confusion.Well dem boys seh that Donald vex wid Sam and Ah Kneel because dem think dem was keeping secret from he when dem was really putting de whole country in jeopardy.Poor Donald. He got to call a meeting and he got to tell he Ministers that any secret dem got it must do wid dem personal business. It must do wid who thief and trying to hide it. When it come to national business,he must know.Well dem boys seh that  Ah Kneel begging David and Prak and Moses to pass de Bill; how he gun give each of dem a share in Sanata and New GPC.Talk half and watch how people gun start give away a set ah tings.
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