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Wholesale NFL Jerseys 4hkzkqps

Poslaťod god5mane98 » 13 Sep 2017 23:17

Things get real crucial in this country and every day it getting wuss. Dem boys hear how gunmen stick up a masquerade band pun Church Street.Now everybody know that masquerade does mek couple dollar which hardly amount to a day’s pay when dem done do all de hard wuk in de sun. So imagine how dem gunmen bad. One man seh that if he had gold teeth he would be afraid to smile.Another one seh that people shoulda tek a hint from de time Jagdeo start fuh drive wid he window wind up. Cheddi use to drive wid he window down because he like fresh air. Janet use to drive sheself but not Jagdeo.Dem boys seh that once people see de window wind up dem shoulda know that things meet de stage wheh is every man fuh heself. He was mekking sure that he don’t get rob because he know that money that woulda normally go to people gone to other people.So masquerade people getting rob. Old age pensioners did done get rob.De small piece dem collect full dem gunman eye and de next thing you know couple of dem get stick up. Some of dem even get kill in dem bed.When dem boys talk,Cheap Jerseys USA, de same Jagdeo seh that people always talking but dem don’t provide one bit of evidence. Well dem boys want he tell dem one project that he can say is a success.Dem also seh that everything he attempt he do in secret because he know that once de story come out people woulda object at de amount of money he was arranging fuh friends and family.Now de man seh that he ain’t want no wuk in Guyana. He know why and de next time dem boys gun talk why.Talk half and watch how Guyana bruck up.
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