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John Stallworth Steelers Jersey pf0qxhtg

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On Friday evening, Nandranie Deodat, a resident of the Wallers Delight, West Coast Demerara, was returning home after a hard day’s work when she was beaten and robbed of millions of dollars in cash and jewellery, right in front of her residence.Around 18:15 hrs (06:15pm), Nandranie stepped out of a hire car (short drop car) with her haversack filled with all the jewellery she possessed, as well as other people’s valuables which they had entrusted upon her for cleaning and repairs.She noticed two men standing in front of her gap looking at her and then began approaching in her direction.Sensing something bad was about to occur, she hurriedly tried to re-enter the car,Joe Greene Steelers Jersey, not before one of the men who was described as “tall and fair skinned” donning a white polo T-shirt and dark pants, grabbed the car door and prevented her from closing it.The visibly traumatised woman told Kaieteur News that the man then “pounced” on top of her while she was struggling to hold on tightly to her haversack while the other man, who was said to be shorter, darker and clad in a dark brown T-shirt with black pants,Terrell Owens 49ers Jersey, brandished a gun in front of her face and then pointed it to the car driver with instructions that he should take out his vehicle keys and drop them to the floor. The driver complied.Nandranie said that the man who she was fighting off succeeded in pulling her out of the vehicle and dumping her on the concrete by her gap, on the public road. The haversack was still in her possession.The bandit then began to kick her in the ribs while she began screaming for her husband to come to her rescue.Her husband, Deodat,Steve McNair Titans Jersey, upon hearing his wife’s voice filled with fear and shouting his name, ran out of his yard to ascertain what was transpiring but when he stepped forward to assist his wife, the other bandit pointed his gun to Deodat’s forehead and then threatened to shoot him if he ventured further.Deodat said that it was then that other vehicles which were passing began to slow down when they noticed the commotion and neighbours also rushed out. The two bandits then made good their escape by running towards a white car identified as (PHH 3202) that was parked on the other side of the road facing an easterly direction.After the two men speedily jumped into the waiting vehicle,Paul Hornung Packers Jersey, it progressed in the direction of Georgetown. Meanwhile; Deodat began telephoning the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station. He also flagged down a taxi to chase after the bandits. Kaieteur News understands that Deodat chased the get-away car until it reached the junction of Crane Old Road, where a tractor prevented the car Deodat was in to view the direction in which the vehicle proceeded.By the time the taxi Deodat was in had clear view of the road once more, motor-car PHH 3202 had already disappeared from sight.He then returned home where he was disappointed to learn that his wife and neighbours had telephoned the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station notifying them of what happened and requesting that a road block be set up. A road block was never set up.The police in response to the urgent telephone calls promised to visit the home immediately. They did not.In fact, this publication was told that Deodat had to visit the said police station and plead with them to visit the Wales area, West Bank Demerara where the bandits “most likely” went, but the ranks insisted that they return to the scene of the incident and take the necessary reports.The process of report-taking lasted over one hour and then the police ranks took Deodat and Nandranie to the La Grange Police Station where the police “wanted to talk to someone”.After a long period, Deodat who was in his vehicle with his wife, went into the station to urge the police to hurry.When he arrived inside of the La Grange Police Station, he told a senior officer that he had just been robbed and was awaiting the company of the Vreed-en-Hoop ranks to search for the culprits.According to Nandranie and Deodat, this rank was very helpful and “hurried up” the police to execute their duties, However; by this time hours had passed and the bandits were long gone. This was around 21:30 hrs (09:30pm).Nandranie lamented that this was the first time such an incident has ever occurred in her family. She explained that she has been in the jewellery business which she started as a partner with her mother-in-law for 13 years.When the woman died some six to seven years ago, she and her husband continued the business.The woman tearfully said, “About $7M in gold, diamond and silver that the bandits take was mine and the cash was $130,000 that we were going to use to pay expenses…They also take my cell phone which worth $8,000…What I going to do now?About $1M worth of jewellery was what people gave me to clean and repair. I have to pay them back somehow, but with what?”This newspaper was told that on Saturdays and Sundays,Warren Sapp Buccaneers Jersey, Nandranie operates her jewellery stall at Zeeburg and Parika, East Bank Essequibo, respectively. Her husband would take her to and from the locations. But for the past eight years, she has been using the same car driver to bring her home from the Wales Market.Friends and family members are of the opinion that it was someone who knew Nandranie’s schedule that planned such an act.When questioned as to who would usually know her timing of when she was coming home, the distraught woman stated.“Well the car driver does pick me up and a boy that sells watches in the market…but when this thing happen the watch boy was already dropped home and the driver wife was next to me. She didn’t get hurt or they didn’t do she anything.“She just sat there and didn’t help me and they (husband and wife) haven’t called to even see how I am”.Deodat explained that yesterday he visited the Leonora Police Station,Gary Zimmerman Broncos Jersey, where he spoke with Deputy Commander, Paul Williams. He said that Williams was more than helpful and co-operative in the matter.He called the Vreed-en-Hoop station and arranged that the license plate number and information be tracked down as soon as possible while offering the family to help in whatever way he could in this matter, the victim said.Kaieteur News was further told by Nandranie that the family was currently having renovations done to their home. A new shed was being built, and the materials were already purchased,Len Dawson Chiefs Jersey, however; they can no longer afford to complete their home because they were utilising the jewellery money to cater for their expenses.Nandranie stated, “I have two kids; I work so hard sometimes not getting to eat just to earn a living to make sure my kids don’t suffer. They don’t even have anything left. My daughter just get she earring what she wearing. My son don’t have anything, my husband left with a silver chain and I just have my earring and wedding band…All our jewellery and the things I get from when I marry we melt and invest in the business, never expecting this”.She said that her husband’s only trade was that of a goldsmith and that he is very sickly. With the money and jewellery gone she does not know in what direction her family will turn and what will happen to them.Some friends of the family who were gathered at the family’s home when Kaieteur News arrived there, told this newspaper that the couple worked tirelessly both night and day to make sure that their children could have a proper life.One woman said, “Some days she (Nandranie) would work and work and don’t even eat, be hungry just to earn an extra dollar for their survival.”Another woman said,Jonathan Ogden Ravens Jersey, “He (Deodat) would get up early and be in he workshop and work on the gold and things just to push in as much work as possible. He sick and does get back pains and thing but he does still do the work for his children.”Deodat added, “I sick and try my best to be somebody on this earth. Me got pain and I does go in the workshop and hustle for my children,Earl Campbell Titans Jersey, but somebody else just lay back and enjoying it now.”
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