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Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey n5ggxdwy

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…13 days after disappearance at seaThirteen days after disappearing at sea, the three-man crew of the ‘Captain Sunil’ has been found alive, relatives and army sources said yesterday.Kaieteur News understands that the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard located the ‘Captain Sunil’ and crew sometime yesterday in the Waini, North West District area.A source said that the men—Jirgodhan Surujpaul, called ‘Foman’, his brother, Jairam Surujpaul, and their cousin Lochan Teserdeen—-were all in good health.Indications are that the crew had run into trouble after their vessel broke down. They were reportedly unable to restart the engine, despite seeking assistance from persons on other passing vessels.A nephew of the Surujpauls told Kaieteur News that he had spoken to one of his uncles at around 19:00 hrs last night and was told that the crew was now with Coast Guard ranks at Kumaka in the North West District.Jirgodhan Surujpaul, Jairam Surujpaul, of Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara, and Lochan Teserdeen of Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara, East Bank Demerara, had left for sea on July 31 on the ‘Captain Sunil’.The owner of the vessel, Winston Goriah,wholesale jerseys china, told Kaieteur News that they departed on his 38-foot fishing boat in the vicinity of Stratspey, East Coast Demerara.’ He had said that they were due back within three days.Goriah had also stated that after the crew failed to turn up, he took another boat and went to search for them, travelling as far as Mahaicony and Parika.After failing to locate his crew, he chartered a plane and searched the Berbice and Pomeroon Rivers, but still failed to locate the vessel and or crew.He also failed to contact them on a mobile phone they had in their possession.****************************Copyright legislation necessary to spur creativity– Director of CultureDirector of Culture, Dr. James RoseThe Director of Culture, Dr. James Rose, yesterday underscored the need for modern copyright legislation, suggesting that the absence of such legislation is hurting the creative industry.“If the creative mind feels that there is no protection for the work it produces, then it moves to where it will be protected and it will be a national loss,” Dr. Rose said as he pledged government’s support for next year’s Guyana Musical Arts Festival.Local artistes have been clamouring for the enactment of modern copyright legislation which will protect original artists from being imitated.“The creative mind will always create, the problem is how do you protect your creation – that is the issue we face – and that sends a message as to the urgency of having copyright legislation,” Rose lamented.“From the culture sector, we support it one hundred percent because it is necessary – very necessary – if the creative sector is going to produce,” he added.Earlier this month, Education Minister Shaik Baksh was quoted as promising to commence an investigation into reports that copyright infringement has been impacting the operation of local legitimate bookstores.And according to reports reaching this newspaper, illegal reproduction of publications, particularly school texts, have reached new heights with the recent allocation of contracts to certain local businesses.Book seller, Lloyd Austin, who has for more than a decade owned and operated Austin’s Book Store, said copyright infringement is very much a reality.“It is no different from stealing from somebody’s purse…I never thought that I’d live to see this day; this rampant criminal act,” Austin told this newspaper.Local singers have complained that as soon as their music is released it is reproduced illegally and sold in music stores.Recently, video producer Mike Charles, a pilot of over 25 years, launched his latest video and called for the urgent enactment of copyright legislation.Charles said his latest video, “Pictures of Guyana,” was launched in Toronto in June, and shortly after its release, bootleg copies ended up in shops.Charles said lack of copyright legislation is harming small independent production companies like his, and added that without the legislation it would be “very, very difficult” to survive.****************************M&CC reports tax shortfall of $400M…as Govt. submits part payment of $40MThe Mayor and City Council (M&CC) yesterday received $40M from government, which represents part payment of general rates,NFL Jerseys Supply, by government, to the Georgetown Municipality.The sum, according to M&CC, will be used to pay solid waste contractors.The council has resumed its usual garbage collection in different wards of the city of Georgetown and it is expected that this should result in less accumulation on thoroughfares in the city.Residents of local communities within the city are advised to put out their refuse receptacles as per schedule of collection as contractors have resumed collection in all areas, the Council advised.“Citizens should not dump refuse onto parapets, roadsides or into alleyway drains…They should wait for the collection trucks.”It was pointed out that the indiscriminate dumping of garbage in local communities has serious implications to the public health and wellbeing of the natural environment.Meanwhile, the council repeated calls for property-owners to ensure that they settle all outstanding accounts with its treasury.“For this period,the council has experienced a shortfall of about $400M and this has affected the ability of council to provide quality municipal services and facilitiesThese services,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, according to the council, include: garbage collection and disposal,wholesale jerseys, roads, drainage, street lighting, maternal and child welfare, environmental services, vector control,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, markets, law enforcement and building inspections.“General rates account for about 70 per cent of council’s total revenue…If citizens do not pay, then the municipality would be hard pressed to honour its financial obligations to its contractors and others who are assisting with the provision of services…The council needs every cent owed to it, to fulfill its mandate to the citizens of Georgetown.”The Council says that it continues to serve demand notices to property-owners, in all wards in the city, and its legal section has been taking action against defaulters.“The city council is also encouraging home-owners, who are experiencing difficulties to pay their rates to take advantage of its payment plan.All defaulters should feel free to talk with the staff at the City Treasurer’s Department.”
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