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As teenage pregnancies reach alarming proportions in Region Nine, largely because of many cases of rape, residents there are concerned that most of the perpetrators are getting off scot free due to the length of time it takes for the matters to reach the courts.The issue raised its head earlier this week when a Headmaster, who was detained for allegedly fondling one of his teenaged students, was released on station bail, with no telling of when he could face the courts.Kaieteur News understands that on May 28 last,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the Headmaster called the student into his office and made some unprofessional remarks.“He told the girl that she was getting ‘tall and thick’ then he grabbed her around her waist and started to wine on her,” a source close to the teenager told Kaieteur News.The girl was incensed and went home and told her mother who got the police involved.The following day the teacher was arrested,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, but after spending the mandatory 72 hours in custody, he was released on Monday on $50,000 bail.The police gave the usual explanation that they are awaiting the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution.Officials in Region Nine are reluctant to comment on the matter, even refusing to confirm the arrest of the Headmaster.However, police sources at Lethem confirmed that the teacher was arrested and later placed on bail.A police official explained that a report is being prepared to be sent to the DPP for advice.“This is the procedure for offences like this,” the official explainedResidents have expressed their anger over the situation since they believe that the perpetrator, like many others,cheap nfl jerseys discount, will skip the jurisdiction to avoid prosecution.According to one resident, most sexual offenders in the district escape justice because of the delay in prosecuting them.“By the time the DPP advice comes back to Lethem, they (perpetrators) either escape from Lethem or they managed to settle the matter with the victim and their families,” a resident told this newspaper.To make matters worse, court in Lethem is only convened every three months.“They have to do something here to deal with this situation because our girl children are being destroyed,” the resident stated.Young hinterland females are the most vulnerable when it comes to sexual abuse and assault, with a high rate of teenage pregnancy being the end result.However, the authorities are facing an uphill battle to effectively prosecute the offenders.Teenage pregnancy is said to be a “norm” in the hinterland region.Kaieteur News was told that there are at least two cases of teenage pregnancies in almost every Amerindian village.Last December, social workers were forced to intervene in four such cases involving girls aged 10, 12 and 14 from Katoka, Aishalton and Yupukari.A female source who is familiar with these cases told this newspaper that it seems as though village authorities, including Toshaos,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, do not see this situation as a major problem. She even alleged that the leaders seem to be hiding these cases from the police and social workers.“Most of these girls are impregnated by a family member and their parents are covering it up. The village leaders too are trying to cover up things. The only time you know about these cases is when these girls are ready to give birth and they have to meet with health officials,” the source said.According to reports, there are some residents who would lambaste the police for not doing anything to assist in these situations. However, a senior police source yesterday said that they can only intervene if a report is made to them.He said, too, that in most cases,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the girls do not reveal the names of the perpetrators. Under such circumstances, the police cannot do anything.Kaieteur News was told that young girls are being “schooled” not to reveal information to the police and social workers if such a case arises.“These girls are told that they will be questioned by social workers and the police, and they are advised to say they don’t know where the fathers of their babies are. One time one of these girls told me that the father of her baby was in Venezuela when in fact,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the man was right here in Guyana in the same village,” the source explained.However, a senior official from CCPA said that she would not say that these children are being schooled, but she confirmed that when dealing with such cases, the girls are reluctant to reveal information.“We do not get clear information on the identity of the perpetrators. There is a reluctance to disclose certain information. We have had a number of cases where we get girls and they all say the baby’s father is ‘Shawn and he in de bush’ but we never find that individual,” the official disclosed.Last year, a total of 58 cases of teenage pregnancies were reported to the agency, most of which came from the hinterland region.
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