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Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic Essequibo Coast

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The hungry jaguars that have been devouring residents’ dogs and other domesticated animals including ducks,Cheap MLB Jerseys, parrots and goats at Lima Sands,Soccer Jerseys From China, Essequibo Coast,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Online, have now turned their attention to cows.Recent reports stated that two cows belonging to farmers in Somerset and Berks were eaten by the hungry jaguars,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, some time last week.According to a watchman who was on duty in that area,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the jaguar was seen attacking and later devouring two cows that were grazing in the field. On Tuesday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, another Lima Sands resident complained that the jaguar ate his dog.Recently, Lima Sands residents were warned by members of the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals not to kill the endangered animals. But the residents are contending that those persons who are advising them not to kill the jaguars do not live in Lima Sands, and those other affected areas where the jaguars roam.The jaguars came out of the Savannahs in search of food due to the prolonged dry spell that the country continues to experience.Lima Sands residents are indicating that the jaguars are fewer in Lima Sands and are however more active in neighbouring Mainstay.  (Yannason Duncan)
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