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Two new temporary magistrates were yesterday sworn-in to serve Guyana’s judicial system following a process of selection by the Judicial Services Commission.Zamilla Ally and Clive Nurse were officially sworn-in at the Office of the Prime Minister before Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.Among those witnessing the oath-taking were the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali-Hack; Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, former Chancellor Aubrey Bishop and Senior Counsel, Ralph Ramkarran.Prime Minister Hinds, according to the government release last evening,Cheap Jerseys From China, urged the two new magistrates to deliver justice, adjudicate fairly, honestly, knowledgeably and to the best of their ability.Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, Director of Public Prosecution,Cheap MLS Jerseys, Shalimar Ali-Hack and Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry with Temporary Magistrates Zamilla Ally and Clive NurseHe also expressed appreciation that they would have accepted the call to duty, having refused to allow inducement of better payment, in foreign nations,Cheap Jerseys, to turn them away from servitude to their country.The DPP urged that the two set out to distinguish themselves in their office and  recommended that they learn the law as it is only in acquiring a command of it would they be able to carry out their duties professionally and with integrity.“As a magistrate your tool of trade is the law,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, you must have a command of the criminal law practice and procedure and law evidence…those must be at your hand reach and your duties must be in conformity with the law,” Ali-Hack said.The DPP said it hurts her to see some of the mistakes made by magistrates due to ill-knowledge of the law.“As DPP, I have seen errors being made by magistrates and it hurts me many times when you have to correct and have to send back depositions or file appeals when there are glaring errors of law,” Ali-Hack said.Ramkarran’s message to the magistrates was that in discharging their duties they must treat every member of the public with respect and courtesy.“People who come to the Magistrate’s courts come for justice,Cheap Jerseys From China, they are entitled to justice and deserve justice,” he said.“It is incumbent on magistrates to treat the public with respect and courtesy, regardless of whether they are criminals or not,” he added.Ramkarran also advised that they have a balanced temperament and equilibrium on the job. “Always keep focus on what the role is,NFL Jerseys China, the role is to serve the people of Guyana and to dispense justice,” he said.Zamilla Ally served as a Senior State Counsel at the DPP’s Chambers whilst Clive Nurse is an Attorney-at-Law.
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